10 Photos That Prove Barbie’s The Ultimate Pet Mom!

7. She knows how to spoil her pets.


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

Who else has but Barbie would have this all-in-one play, food, and grooming station?  She is attentive and nurturing, ready to groom away any and all pet stress.

6. She brings them on vacation!


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

It can be challenging for pet parents to travel with their fur babies, especially if they’re not travel sized. Barbie manages this with ease, jetting to sunny locales with her sister Kelly and one of her many pups.

5. She brings them on dates!


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

It’s one thing to bring your pet with you on vacation, it’s another to let your pet follow you around you on a date while you’re on vacation! Barbie is making sure Ken is aware of her priorities – her pup!

4. She’s proud to be a cat lady.


Credit: Instagram / @barbie

Forget the stigma about being a “crazy” cat lady – Barbie loves her kitties and is proud to be a cat mom. There are, however, never enough hands to pet them all!

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