“Black Panther” Ups Black Cat Adoptions!

The unexpected benefit of the cinematic masterpiece – helping re-home kitties

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Twitter / @TheBlackPanther

Movies influence people. No matter what school of thought you subscribe to, whether you’re a straight up Injection Theory believer or Cultivation Theory believer, we can all agree that the media influences us in one way or another. With Jaws, people were afraid to go in dark water over fear of shark attacks. Star Wars started a legacy of die-hard fans who bought, collected, and wore all things related to the franchise, and still do. And now with Black Panther, not only does the film have a predominantly black cast, unlike many other superhero movies, it has also raised the number of black cat adoptions!


We’ve covered the sad fact that black cats have a lower chance of being adopted because of their “un-photogenic” fur color and ties to superstitious beliefs. But after Black Panther was released, a Tumblr user shared that at their local Humane Society in Durango, Colorado, all of the black cats had been adopted.


Credit: Instagram / @thelivingethan

People adopted these mini “house panthers” and named them after their favorite characters like, “T’challa, Okoye, and Shuri.”


Credit: Instagram / @thelivingethan

According to Tumblr user, @gallusrostromegalus, an elderly Humane Society volunteer wondered why someone would name their kitty “Killmonger.”


Hopefully these black kitties live up to their wildcat counterpart!

In a follow up post responding to the fear of “fad” adoption, @gallusrostromegalus explained that at their local shelters, there are extensive background checks and questionnaires before pets can be adopted!


Credit: Marvel Entertainment / Black Panther

So even though Black Panther didn’t intend to raise the black kitty adoption numbers, it did and we’re happy! #WakandaForever!