With One Eye and Four Ears – This Unique Kitten Finds His Forever Home!

Frankie knows a thing or two about overcoming obstacles, as he settles into his best life in Australia!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @frank_n_kitten

Two frightened and malnourished kittens were found shivering under a house and rescued by Geelong Welfare Animal Society (GAWS)  A quick examination found that one of the kittens, to be named Frankie, had a malformed eye and 2 sets of ears!

Vets had to remove the eye, and then GAWS nursed the kitten back to health. The 10-week-old Frankie recovered well and is now happy and healthy, romping about like any other kitten his age.


Credit: Instagram / @frank_n_kitten

Frankie’s four ears, however, remain a mystery. This is such a rare congenital anomaly that the literature on it is incredibly sparse.  This little fighter doesn’t care about literature anyway and fails to be self-conscious in the least.


Credit: Instagram / @frank_n_kitten

Frankie (short for Frankenkitty) found a forever home with the woman who named him, Georgia Anderson. He bonded well with her young son and is well on his way to mastering happiness in his new life. Frankie even has his very own Instagram page  @frank_n_kitten.


Credit: Instagram / @frank_n_kitten

Frankie’s story immediately went viral and almost 3000 people now follow his Instagram and send their love to him every day. His sweetness deserves every bit of that.


Credit: Instagram / @frank_n_kitten

Anderson shares her attempts at creating an eye patch for Frankie, but Frankie has rejected most of her inventions. Kittens can be stubborn!


Credit: Instagram / @frank_n_kitten

For more photos and stories about the adventures of little Frankie, follow him on Instagram @frank_n_kitten!