Have A Puppy PJ Party With Fabdog

Max and relax in matching jammies

By The Get Leashed Goods Team

Photo: fabdog

Believe it or not, there are some people who don’t immediately swap out of dress pants, jeans, or other non comfy clothes upon entering their home. We are not these people!

Photo: Instagram / @brussels.sprout via fabdog

If you and your pup are card carrying members of #teamcozy, we’re going to show you how to take your comfy game to the next level.

Fabdog makes matching PJ sets for dogs and owners!

Photo: Instagram / @kodydoodle via fabdog

Dog accessory and apparel brand Fabdog now makes adorable puppy PJs for both big and small dogs, and even makes matching human sized PJ pants.

Photo: fabdog

If twinning is winning for you and your Fido, definitely check out their different colors and patterns.

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Whether you’re into plaids or prefer solids, there are many color ways to choose from.

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You’ll simply need to decide, “Do I get what looks best on me or the dog?”

Photo: fabdog

Visit Fabdog to have a look at all their PJ styles and to place an order.