Discover Your Cat’s Secret Life Through “Cat Tracker”

Would you like to explore the adventures of your mysterious feline?

By Catalina Barrios


What do you imagine your cat thinks about?

Cats are some of the most relaxed animals I know. It’s no wonder, when you consider their lifestyle – cats are either sleeping, eating or going for a leisurely walk. If you want to get a first hand account of the zen of a cat, you can track their everyday serenity as part of Dr. Phil Roetman’s “Cat Tracker” project.


Credit: Facebook / Discovery Circle

The South Australian professor will be sending out 46 trackers to cat owners who are registered in his Australia cat tracking study.

“People who want to participate will fill out an online survey first, which includes a cat personality test. Then, if they would like to track their cats, we’ll send out the GPS tracker. Once they have completed the tracking, we will give them a report on their cat’s personality and where their cat goes,” says Dr. Roetman, Research Fellow at the University of South Australia’s School of Natural and Built Environments.


Credit: Facebook / Discovery Circle

The Cat Tracker project’s objective is to engage cat owners in balancing cat safety and preservation of native wildlife.  The project will track the cats for one week before the devices go back for analysis.  The data will be uploaded onto the Discovery Circle website.  Owners will then receive an email with directions to the map of their cat’s tracks.


Based on the results of Dr. Roetman’s study, the amount of interactions cats have with their owner could play a role in how far the animal travels. As part of the Cat Tracker project, Dr. Roetman and his team have been studying the personalities of pet cats. After analyzing over 2,000 cats, based on the submitted personality test, five personality factors were created.  The team called these factors the “Feline Five” which include: skittishness, outgoingness, dominance, spontaneity and friendliness.


Credit: Discovery Circle

Dr. Roetman said within a week of launching the online cat personality test, more than 2,000 people had completed the personality survey.


You can complete your own survey to find out about your cat’s personality. Then let us know if your favourite feline has a personality compatible with yours.