Former N’Sync Star Mourns The Loss of His Beloved Lily Dimples

Lance Bass loses his dog after a tragic coyote attack.

By Catalina Barrios


Credit: Twitter / @LanceBass

I have listened to boy bands since I was a teenager. They were all “big hits” back home. My favorite one will always be N’Sync. Don’t you just love them? Which was your favorite N’Sync singer? I have two: Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake.


Credit: Instagram / @chipanddalepups

Recently, Lance Bass went through a very difficult tragedy in his life when the animal lover had to say goodbye to his adorable “Lily Dimples.”  She was captured in her own backyard by coyotes. The 38-year old entertainer and restaurateur used his social media accounts to give tribute to Lily Dimples.

“It is with an extremely heavy heart that I share the passing of our baby girl Lily. Lily was one of a kind. More human than dog. She really was so perfect. She will be painfully missed,” posted Lance to his Instagram account on the day Lily Dimples turned 8-years old.


Credit: Instagram / @LanceBass

One night, Lance let his dog out into the yard, as was their normal routine. He went outside shortly after and found out that she was gone. It turns out the small dog was taken by a pack of coyotes that Lance was able to track down with his car. According to his rep, the former N’Sync singer saw one of the coyotes carrying his beloved Lily in its mouth. How heartbreaking, I can’t imagine what Lance went through in that moment!


Credit: Instagram / @michaelturchinart

Actor Michael Turchin, Lance’s husband, also honored their “beautiful girl” on Instagram. They have two more dogs, Chip and Dale (I love the names!), that they also met through adoption.  The dogs all have their own Instagram accounts.


Credit: Facebook / Lance Bass

Lily always enjoyed accompanying Lance to special events. She even helped him present an award at the 2015 World Dog Awards. Lance warned his followers about coyotes, “For those that live near coyotes, please triple check the safe areas where they get to roam free. Our backyard was ‘coyote proofed’ with rollers and all and they somehow leaped over all of it. They also can dig under fences.”

Sadly, many celebrities have had their pets killed in this manner. Jessica Simpson watched as her dog Daisy, a Maltese and Poodle mix, was taken away by a coyote.


Credit: Facebook / Lance Bass

Our condolences are with you, Lance and Michael, through this difficult time. Your dog, Lily Dimples, is an angel watching over you from heaven. Rest in Peace, Lily Dimples.