Little Boy Writes The Sweetest Poem To His Teacher After Her Dog Dies

The kindness of a child’s sympathy card has touched many.

By Catalina Barrios

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Credit: Instagram / @lucie.dunne

Losing a pet is one of the hardest things a pet owner goes through. We see our pets as wonderful companions that are by our side through all of the feels of life’s trials and celebrations. They get to know us very well. It is hard to come to terms with never seeing them again.

Thankfully during these difficult moments, we have the support of family and friends.


Credit: Instagram / @lucie.dunne

Recently, Gemma Dunne, an elementary school teacher in Glasgow, Scotland had to deal with the loss of her beloved dog, Charlie. Dunne and her family adopted Charlie, a Golden retriever, as a puppy. Charlie was with the family for only 18 months when they found out he was suffering from an inoperable tumor pressing against his heart.

Funny and charming stories about Charlie had always been something that Dunne’s middle school students looked forward. One Monday, however, Dunne had to go back to school and tell her students about the loss of Charlie; she told them she had to put Charlie to sleep.  It was a heartbreaking and emotional talk for Dunne.


Credit: Instagram / @lucie.dunne

Callum, one of the students in Dunne’s class, was deeply affected by this turn of events and wrote his teacher a heartfelt letter. It is adorable.


Credit: Twitter / @luciedunne_

“To Mrs Dunne, sorry if you don’t like it or makes you emotional.”

Get the tissues ready….

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