Carlton The Campus Cat Rules St. Mary’s University

Majoring in “feline arts”, this friendly kitty brings smiles to staff, students AND the Internet!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: CBC / Steve Berry

Carlton, the 4-year-old cat, lives the best student life. Fortunately, he lives right next to St. Mary’s University (in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) which means he doesn’t have to bear the treacherous commute that other students do. He roams the campus at his own pace, without having to rush to back-to-back classes. He pops in and out of classes on a whim and teaches students that any spot can become a “student lounge” when you’re a cat.


Credit: CBC / Steve Berry

The popular feline coed has garnered attention from all over the world – from the US to Russia!


Credit: Twitter / @spotted_SMU

Carlton’s location on campus is continually updated by the Student Union Twitter account. Tweets are plenty as Carlton doesn’t stick in one place for long! It’s just that there are so many places to cat nap and so many stressed out students to visit for some calming pets.


Credit: CBC / Steve Berry

Students are always happy to see their fellow kitty student. They open the doors for Carlton as he makes his way across campus.


Credit: CBC / Steve Berry

His owners, the Stewart family, don’t worry too much about their scholarly feline. As long as he comes home for dinner, they’re happy.  Carlton is taking his student career very seriously, after all.


Credit: CBC / Steve Berry

Carlton’s family thinks that his unique personality comes from the character building challenges of being the runt of the litter. Well, runt no more, Carlton! He’s living the best life at St. Mary’s!