The National Service Dogs Egg Hunt is Coming to Toronto!

This is THE Easter party for your dog!

By Jennifer Grant

Get egg-cited for Toronto’s National Service Dog’s annual Easter Egg Hunt!

The 20th anniversary of the eggiest Easter party for dogs, and their people, is coming up fast! This year, after almost a decade away, Toronto will be one of the cities hosting the delicious, the egg-tastical, the so cute (seriously, cute!!) NSD Annual Easter Egg Hunt.


Credit: Facebook / National Service Dogs

This is no regular egg hunt, pawrents.  NSD, National Service Dogs, knows egg-sactly how to throw a proper canine-centric party. This Good Friday (March 30th, 2018) your furry love will be able to join other doggie friends to sniff down treats hidden inside those adorable Easter-themed eggs.


Credit: Facebook / National Service Dogs

Adam Saperia, Vice Chair for the Board of Directors, is Lead on the event this year and he couldn’t be more egg-cited (I’m not stopping) about it being in Toronto. This city loves its dogs AND is renowned for its generous spirit.


Credit: Facebook / National Service Dogs

Saperia hopes that TO will raise the most funds for NSD. There are other cities participating:  Oakville, Guelph, Kitchener, London, St. Catherines, Windsor, and Calgary, but this is Toronto.  Do I need to say more? I think the egg not.


Credit: Facebook / National Service Dogs

All money raised goes back into the school to train even more dogs to be service companions for people with autism and PTSD.  If your heart can take it, watch as former combat soldier, Lawrence, describes the incredible, life saving work Lynx performs for him.

Last year, the event raised $85,000. You should collect funds ahead of turning up at the hunt because this will earn you extra cartons with which to collects treats. So, register today (and before March 28th at 4pm) and start collecting those loonies and toonies from everyone you know.


Credit: Facebook / National Service Dogs

If you miss the registration deadline, but still want to get in on an egg-cellent time, you can just turn up at Coronation Park, 711 Lakeshore Blvd W on the day. Registration starts at 10am and the hunt begins at 11am.

For either scenario, $25 is the fee to register. The benefit of pre-registration is that you get set up with a sponsor page that you can use to egg on your friends and your mom to help you raise money. There are prizes for those with the most pledges!


Credit: Facebook / National Service Dogs

There are only three rules:

  1. Humans must be accompanied by a registered dog.
  2. All dogs must be on leash.
  3. Stoop and scoop so bring those bags, please.

Several of the Get Leashed staff are gearing up and getting our pledge sponsors lined up. We look forward to seeing you out there at this eggstraordinary annual fundraiser! Get cracking!  (Do you see what I did there?)

Click this link for registration.