Need A Pet Doc? Why Not Take Your Pet To America’s Sexiest Vet

Dr. Evan Antin will see you(r pet) now

By Catalina Barrios

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Credit: Instagram / @dr.evanantin

I have so many wonderful memories of my grandma, I could probably write a book. I especially adored going to her doctor appointments because she had somehow acquired the most handsome and charming physicians in Orlando. Each of these men seemed as if they had stepped off the runway to come and fawn over my “abuelita,” which pleased me very much.

The same sort of delight can be yours if you take your pet to see Dr. Evan Antin. I can imagine there is a bit of a waitlist to be seen by America’s Sexiest Veterinarian, deemed as such by People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, in 2014.

You may have to appease yourself with these beautiful pictures of Dr. Antin and the pets in his care. Let us know which is your favorite. Enjoy and – um – you’re welcome!


Credit: Instagram / @dr.evanantin

Since opening his Instagram account in 2014, Dr. Antin has shared over 700 pictures of his patients – from birds to crocodiles. Lucky for us, he appears in most of these. Dr. Evan Antin didn’t know he wanted to be a veterinarian when he started college at 18-years old. He did, however, know he loved animals and wanted them to feature prominently in his life. It was after Even Antin started to study the sciences that he knew which direction he would head.


Credit: Instagram / @dr.evanantin

Dr. Antin says if he wasn’t a vet, he would have become a personal trainer due to his passion for fitness. I’m sure he is very qualified, as you can see for yourself.  This sexy vet worked as a personal trainer after his undergraduate degree, just before starting veterinary school.


Credit: Instagram / @dr.evanantin

The handsome doc works at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in California. Since graduating from veterinary school, in 2013, he has provided medical care to cats, dogs, as well as exotic animals and wildlife. Dr. Antin travels around the world to work with wildlife. He has been to Central America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern and Southern Africa, South East Asia and a variety of regions in North American. I wouldn’t mind being his travel assistant! Dr. Antin, I also love pets!

You will enjoy reading the comments on the pictures he posts. Warning! You may find yourself falling deeper and deeper under his spell. No one can be this cute!


Credit: Instagram / @dr.evanantin

Dr. Antin enjoys traveling, scuba diving, snowboarding, hiking, and weightlifting. Do you share any of his hobbies?  The Californian vet says he always enjoys seeing dogs and cats, but gets particularly excited when he cares for a big reptile.  Crocodiles and cobras have been his favorite animals for a long time. WOW!


Credit: Instagram / @dr.evanantin

Which one is your favorite? Hard to decide, mmmmm…. No worries, I know many of you will pick both of them.


Credit: Instagram / @dr.evanantin

The 33-year old veterinarian is single. He lives with his dog, Henry, a cat named Willy, a Savannah monitor lizard named Matilda and an assortment of tropical fish. He is like a real live “Dr. Doolittle”. He also has a YouTube channel where you can check out his travels.


Credit: Instagram / @dr.evanantin

How about this picture? Yeeey for bulldogs! It’s hard to tell which is more adorable. 😭😭😭


Credit: Instagram / @dr.evanantin

A little bit of trivia – what do you think is his favorite candy? He loves gummy candies and black licorice!


Credit: Instagram / @dr.evanantin

Let us know what you think about Dr. Evan Antin. Did you know he would love to host his own show? I imagine it would be like a Dr.Oz, but for animals. I predict it would have great ratings. Any producers out there?