Iceland Melts Hearts With Its Gorgeous Cat Cafe

Sip a cup of coffee surrounded by purring cats who are totally adoptable, at Kattakaffihúsið.

By Catalina Barrios


Credit: Facebook / Kattakaffihusid
Your morning coffee would be much better with a side of kitty cuteness!

Our pets are our most faithful companions, devotedly accompanying us wherever we will allow.  So, how about taking your furry friend along to the café with you? This animal café theme is trending around the world as coffee shops become pet-friendly thanks in part to legislative changes. I think this is a great idea – your pet can join you instead of being tethered outside.  There is also a special opportunity for shelter animals in this context.


Credit: Facebook / Kattakaffihusid

What more noble pairing could there be than cats and coffee? Well, there is something very special about Iceland’s first cat café, in downtown Reykjavik. Kattakaffihúsið (meaning “cat café” in Icelandic) features adoptable kitties from a local shelter. Currently, three felines call the coffee shop their temporary home.


Credit: Facebook / Kattakaffihusid

“The idea is that you can come and get to know a cat, and end up living together with Fabio here. Cats are also very relaxing. So if you want a cup of coffee and to pet a cat a little, it’s very likely you’ll feel better the rest of the day,” said one of the owners Ragnheiður Birgisdóttir. Ragnheiður and his wife Gígja Sara Björnsson have been dreaming about opening a cat café for a long time.

The moment Iceland’s former Minister of Environment and Natural Resources allowed restaurant owners to have animals in the building (as long as the health regulations are met), this cat-loving couple started to make their dream come true.


Credit: Facebook / Kattakaffihusid

The cat café has been very popular since its opening. An additional attraction is its commitment to the environment. Kattakaffihúsið uses biodegradable take away cups, straws, and napkins, and only offers reusable straws. At the cafe you can enjoy delicious coffee, beautiful pieces of art, along with your vegan and vegetarian treats.


Credit: Facebook / Kattakaffihusid

Rósalind, Lilli and Fabio are the names of the cats currently residing in the coffee house. The owners, Gígja and Ragnheiður, say the cats are looking for permanent homes. The couple will take their time, however, waiting to find the perfect pawrents for these sweet kitties.


Credit: Reykjavik

Kattakaffihúsið has two just rules: Don’t pick the cats up and don’t wake them up when they are sleeping.

Wouldn’t you just love to start your day with some cat petting?