This Woman Admitted [On Video] To Intentionally Killing A Dog While Working As A Vet Tech

She later stated she was “trolling”

By Jennifer Grant

Simone Scott, aka Aqua, is facing a virtual lynch mob following a shocking confession during a Twitch live stream with host, Rajj Patel

Patel asked his three guests to confess the worst thing they had ever done. Scott chimed in that she had once, while working as a vet tech, purposely killed the dog of someone who was a “really bad person.” She went on to brag “no one knew because I’m professional.”

The ripples coming away from that truth bomb have the Internet staggering, blindly looking for vengeance that just doesn’t seem to be coming.

First, it turns out that Scott has not actually violated any of the community guidelines for Twitch (an Amazon platform for live broadcast of gaming). She is within a hair’s width of breaking a rule that disallows streaming of crimes or the talking about crimes already committed. But, since Scott was being interviewed, not streaming, she can’t be held accountable for answering a question.

Photo: BGR

In an ironic twist, however, members of the Twitch community that are hurling hateful comments and threats may be the ones to lose their accounts.  New hate conduct guidelines came into play in early March because as Twitch says “hate simply has no place in the Twitch community.”

Secondly, did Scott actually commit a crime? If she killed a dog, then yes, there are legal consequences. According to California Penal Code 597C, it is a crime to “maliciously, intentionally or cruelly kill an animal.” Yet, there is no real evidence that Scott has killed a dog, just a cold, indifferent tone in a story about killing a dog.

In fact, Scott has already put out some feelers to see if the Internet will accept a little backpedal action (spoiler alert: they are having none of it). A few days after the interview, she sent out a weak tweet about how she couldn’t believe that we didn’t know she was trolling. Right.

Source: Twitter

So, what is going to happen to Scott? Well, she will need to reposition her career aspirations for starters. As a Biology Major at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Scott’s bio notes indicate that she is working hard toward becoming a veterinarian. I’m thinking probably not happening.

Aqua will become the social pariah du jour and then we’ll all move on, taking our collective scorn with us. But, what will stick to us is the outrage that such a thing could even be done. And when we look deeply at that outrage, we will see that it covers over our primal fear that anything we love can be taken from us by whim or by accident.  We need to deal with that.

We’ve all been violated in a sense. And it makes us so angry. This woman has explicitly told us that the doctor/patient trust bond has no value and maybe no foundation in reality. Our most neurotic insides already worried over this – that something bad and dangerous is going to happen if we’re not right there to hold a paw. The implicit trust that allows us to hand over our scared and vulnerable fur babies is a gold standard that can’t be tarnished. Yet, she flippantly said she killed a dog because she didn’t like its human. She had a dog in her care and she took its life because the owner was “a really bad person.” It’s ugly.

Scott has scorned our relationship with our pets as if they were perfectly dispensable, as if they didn’t matter. This is not how your vet feels. Chances are, your vet loves your pet almost as much as you. When your pet comes in and is not feeling well, he or she is immediately surrounded by compassion and caring. You already know that you can trust your vet and staff at the animal hospital because they’ve always been there for you and your little one. Let Scott self-destruct in some other corner of the universe.

Go home tonight and spend some extra cuddles on your adorable furball.