Life of Vi – Almost Famous

Violet’s 10 Tips For Instagram Success

By Rachel Simpson

To celebrate Violet reaching 25,000 Instagram followers, we’re sharing some of our favorite pics along with some tips on how to make the most out of your dog’s Instagram account.

1. Baby Boom:

A foolproof strategy really: chances are you’re either a dog person, a baby person, or both, which means the dynamic dog and baby duo is guaranteed to draw the right kind of attention. And if you can coordinate their looks in some way (more on that later) well, people are powerless to deny the appeal.

2. Puppy Power:

This is another no-brainer. While we all have our preferred breeds, our preferred looks, and favorite personalities, all puppies are adorable. Think about it: just the sight of them is enough to improve your day. So people don’t just ‘like’ puppy pics – they appreciate them. True, dogs don’t remain puppies, but weekly events like Throwback Thursday (#TBT) and Flashback Friday (#FBF) provide an opportunity to post old puppy pics.

3. Twins:

They say people start to look like their pets. That isn’t quite the future you want if you own a Frenchie, but there’s nothing wrong with dressing like them. In fact, doing so is a cute way to illustrate the bond you have with your dog. And it’s that bond, underneath the silliness that can go into a picture, that we all appreciate in fellow dog owners.

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