Life of Vi – Almost Famous

Violet’s 10 Tips For Instagram Success

By Rachel Simpson

To celebrate Violet reaching 25,000 Instagram followers, we’re sharing some of our favorite pics along with some tips on how to make the most out of your dog’s Instagram account.

1. Baby Boom:

A foolproof strategy really: chances are you’re either a dog person, a baby person, or both, which means the dynamic dog and baby duo is guaranteed to draw the right kind of attention. And if you can coordinate their looks in some way (more on that later) well, people are powerless to deny the appeal.

2. Puppy Power:

This is another no-brainer. While we all have our preferred breeds, our preferred looks, and favorite personalities, all puppies are adorable. Think about it: just the sight of them is enough to improve your day. So people don’t just ‘like’ puppy pics – they appreciate them. True, dogs don’t remain puppies, but weekly events like Throwback Thursday (#TBT) and Flashback Friday (#FBF) provide an opportunity to post old puppy pics.

3. Twins:

They say people start to look like their pets. That isn’t quite the future you want if you own a Frenchie, but there’s nothing wrong with dressing like them. In fact, doing so is a cute way to illustrate the bond you have with your dog. And it’s that bond, underneath the silliness that can go into a picture, that we all appreciate in fellow dog owners.

4. The Contender:

Participating in Instagram competitions isn’t just a fun way to win swag, it’s it’s an opportunity to increase your exposure. We entered Violet in a popular account’s “Dogue Magazine Cover” competition. Not only did we win, we got the exposure bump that came with participating.

5. Facetime:

Dogs have unique personalities, and part of the appeal of following a dog account is getting to learn a dog’s personality through the photos. Close-ups help satisfy that curiosity because even a dog’s face reveals their character. We’ve noticed that portraits of Violet always garner a lot of attention.

6. Get Festive:

Take advantage of the calendar; holidays, celebrations, even changes of season are opportunities to tap into the collective consciousness. Not only are people expecting these photos (even searching the hashtags that are associated with them) they can be fun to create. Halloween is one of the calendar events that we have a lot of success with.

7. Location, Location, Location:

Like people, dogs often come to reflect where they’re from: think about it, we imagine city dogs as different from country dogs. You can use those landmarks and settings that distinguish where you live to reveal more of your dog’s character. Violet lives in Toronto (check the bio), and we use the city’s landmarks and unique neighborhoods in many of our photos.

8. Tripping Out:

Taking your dog with you on trips and vacations allows you to capture photos of her in new surroundings and having novel experiences. This is an opportunity to take photos that are beautiful or interesting or that reveal more of your dog’s personality. Who doesn’t love those?

9. Fashion Conscious:

We’re not going to deny that this one is a little absurd. But while dressing your dog up is silly, it can also be creative and difficult to execute. So people appreciate not only the images but the work that goes into them. We do a lot of street fashion pics of Vi; they’re trendy and allow us to take advantage of tip number seven.

10. Don’t Be Shy:

Instagram is a social media platform, and it’s important to remember the social component. We were sent the above drawing of Violet by one of her followers so we made a post to thank her for the art and share her talent with other people. It wasn’t just the right thing to do, it was a way of interacting with someone, which is really the spirit of the platform and the responsibility of people looking to grow their accounts.

We hope you have fun testing out these tips!