Celebrities Love Ruby Rufus Chic Cashmere For Dogs

The British brand has some famous fans

By The Get Leashed Goods Team

If you’re a fashion-forward pet owner, sometimes off-the-rack at the pet store simply won’t do. As is the story with many of our favorite pet brands, Ruby Rufus began when its founder couldn’t find what she was looking for. Ruby Rufus Isaacs then designed this British label so that dogs could be as chic as their owners.

Photo: Ruby Rufus

This gorgeous line of dog sweaters comes from ethically sourced cashmere, a natural fiber that keeps dogs warm and cozy. Cashmere is also soft and will not cause irritation to skin.  Now, you can dress your dog in the same quality and luxury you’d put on yourself.

Photo: Ruby Rufus

Quality of product is but one of the missions for Ruby Rufus; helping your dog be on trend is also important to the brand.  Drawing inspiration from current human fashions, Ruby Rufus blends colors and patterns into a unique pup-centered street style.

Photo: Ruby Rufus

Ruby Rufus has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar and other fashion publications, and now garners a cult following from fashionistas and insta-famous pups. They even have a collab with mega blogger The Blonde Salad. Major!

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