New Legislation Put Forward To Protect Dogs On Airplanes

Two Senators file The WOOFF Act in response to the United tragedy

By The Get Leashed News Team

The tragic news of a French Bulldog dying in the overhead compartment of an United Airlines flight has saddened and angered many. This unnecessary death underscores a few important things about modern airline travel: there are significant gaps in passenger knowledge regarding travel rights; airline staff are not properly trained or knowledgeable about safe pet travel and airline policy; lawmakers need to revamp existing laws surrounding safety for pets on airlines, especially now that pets are considered family.

Senate members are stepping up

Senator John Kennedy, a Republican of Louisiana, and Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democrat of Nevada, introduced legislation called the Welfare of Our Fury Friends Act (aka the WOOFF Act).

The goal is to pass the legislation through the Federal Aviation Administration, setting fines for airlines that store dogs in overhead bins.

What should be common sense and shared empathy requires a law.

Displeased with United’s statement on their responsibility following the event, Senator Kennedy remarked:

“This pattern of animal deaths and injuries is simply inexcusable,” the letter read. “For many people, pets are members of the family. They should not be treated like insignificant cargo. Frankly, they shouldn’t be placed in the cargo hold much less an overhead bin.”

United has now halted all animal-transport services, until May 1st, in order to review their ironically titled PetSafe program. This program only covers animals traveling in cargo, so federal policy changes like the WOOFF Act would offer protection in cases like the French Bulldog.

Let’s hope the WOOFF Act is passed and that this one family’s tragedy will be the last of its kind.