Canine Activists Who #MarchForOurLives

Dogs stood in solidarity with their humans at historic protest against gun violence.

By Jennifer Grant


Credit: Twitter / @TheView

#MarchForOurLives exceeded the goal of hosting 500,000 marchers. At the main event, in Washington DC, there were over 800,000 people protesting gun violence. Simultaneously, there were 800 satellite protests going on across America.

And this is only the human head count.


Credit: Twitter / @LouisSisneros

Thousands of dogs descended on the standing-room only protest on Pennsylvania Avenue. Everyone was there to support a movement started by students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

On February 14, 2017, a gunman opened fire on students at the school, killing 17 and igniting a flame of rage and activism across America. #Enough became a popular hashtag for a movement that is forcing the NRA and Congress to pay attention.

The dogs were very supportive of their humans, proudly carrying messages advocating the need for gun control.


Credit: Twitter / @saralouise93

Dogs with their calming presence, infectious joy, and unwavering emotional support would be a great alternative to guns in schools.


Credit: Twitter / @LoeyWWells

This Good Boy raises a good point!


Credit: Twitter / @marzclaire

The dog-centered messages helped connect people in conversation, even causing a smile at an otherwise somber event. We could all use a little more Boop Snoot in our lives, is all I’m saying.


Credit: Twitter / @commrhetprof

One doggy sign read, “Comfort Dogs are Exhausted.” And these dogs would know about being tired as they are our most loyal and constant support in times of trouble. Our furry friends were there in the early days and they aren’t budging until their humans are safe.


Credit: Facebook / Jacob Comfort Dog

Shortly after the shooting, when the Parkland community was overcome with grief and shock, Eighteen K9 comfort dogs were at the school campus providing compassion and a place to put sadness and fear.


Credit: Twitter / @lipsoneric

It seems only appropriate that canine activists now pick up the torch and march in solidarity with their humans. We are witnessing an important turn in American history, and as is true of most of life’s milestones, our most faithful companions are right by our side.

Did you attend any of the protests on March 24th?