Marlon Bundo Is BOTUS And He Loves It!

The Second Family’s bunny is featured in his very own children’s book!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @marlonbundo

Fake news? Real news? Who can keep up? But, this right here is important news: there’s a bunny at the White House. Charlotte, the daughter of the Vice President, brought Marlon Bundo (Bundo for short) home after he starred in one of her school projects.

Bundo was a natural digital movie star, so it only seems appropriate that he would segue into print, as the main character in the children’s story, Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President. Charlotte and the Second Lady wrote and illustrated Marlon’s political tales.


Credit: Instagram / @marlonbundo

The story follows Bundo through a day as a shadow for his “Grandpa” (Vice President Pence), in Washington. The BOTUS meets the President at the Oval Office then heads to the Senate to admire a painting of his home state of Indiana. The story is adorable and highly educational.

The proceeds from book sales will go to an art therapy program, Tracy’s Kids and a non-profit, A21.


Credit: Instagram / @marlonbundo

Bundo came into his popularity in May 2017 when the Vice President and the Second Lady brought him to an event at the White House for military families. Immediately, the younger crowd surrounded Bundo and covered him with affectionate pats.


Credit: Instagram / @marlonbundo

He’s not the only Pence pet, but he just may be the most popular one. His furry siblings include Harley the puppy and Hazel the kitten, Oreo and Pickle the kitties and a snake named Sapphira!


Credit: Instagram / @marlonbundo

The menagerie lives with the second family at the Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. Unlike his siblings, Bundo gets to claim being the first bunny to ever ride on Air Force 2!


Credit: Instagram / @marlonbundo

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