Senior Dogs Find Loving Home At “Old Friends Dog Sanctuary”

Tennessee Couple Is On A Mission To Help Senior Dogs

By Catalina Barrios

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Credit: Facebook / Old Friends Dog Sanctuary

One of the people I admire the most is my “abuelita,” my grandmother.  She was widowed at an early age and finished raising seven children on her own. For this, and so much more, she is an inspiration and a role model to me.  I believe elderly people have a wisdom that must be listened to.

Senior dogs are also wise, perhaps even more so than humans. Unfortunately, they are not the number one choice for adoption. According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), senior dogs (7+ years of age) are at a high risk for euthanasia.


Credit: Old Friends Dog Sanctuary

A couple from Tennessee, Zina and Michael Goodin, decided to help this vulnerable population by opening the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. The heroic pair first began rescuing senior dogs seven years ago and have now have welcomed over 130 senior dogs into their shelter.

The first dog they rescued was a Golden Retriever named Lucy Loo. “It all started with a Golden Retriever named Lucy Lou who was rescued from a hoarding situation. The day she was able to come here, she got out of the car, bounced through the yard, smiled and never stopped,” said Zina Goodin.


Credit: Facebook / Old Friends Dog Sanctuary

Old Friends Sanctuary prioritizes the dogs that have the least chance of coming out of the shelter alive. Zina muses, “It’s sad because these are the dogs that need people the most.”

The non-profit senior dog shelter pays for all of the vet bills for their beloved seniors, which can get expensive.


Credit: Facebook / Old Friends Dog Sanctuary

There are 15 paid staff and hundreds of volunteers who work hard to provide the dogs a loving home, good nutrition, high quality vet care and the comfort they need for the remainder of their lives. The sanctuary has also assisted in placing over 200 senior dogs in forever homes.

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