What Will Rachael Ray Think of Next? A Dog-Friendly Recipe Book!

This chef and talk show host is ready to cater to canines

By Catalina Barrios

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Credit: Rachael Ray

Two of my favorite hobbies include couponing and cooking. I am pretty passionate about all things cooking and baking related – from the shopping to the presentation.  In fact, whenever I am stressed or need to unwind, I head to the kitchen! Playing around with what I have in the pantry and fridge, then ending up with a delicious meal, is a very rewarding process. My dog, of course, is always on hand, hoping I’ll share!


Credit: Pet Age

One of my favorite chefs is Rachael Ray. I love watching her cooking shows! One of the top for me is “30 Minute Meals”.  Rachael makes it look so easy and simple. I have taken many recipes from her cookbooks, all of which I will 100% recommend.  Something that endears Rachael Ray even more to me, though, is that she is an avid animal lover.


Credit: Mastercook

She has a 13-year old rescued Pit Bull, named Isaboo, who was the inspiration behind the 2008 launch of Rachael’s pet food line, Nutrish. This all-natural food is made from fresh ingredients with zero fillers, artificial products or preservatives. A portion of each sale goes to the Rachael Ray Foundation which helps at-risk animals get adopted and receive proper medical care. As of 2017, Rachael’s foundation donated over $21 million dollars to pet charities and other organizations that focus on the pets well-being. Great job, Rachael!


Credit: Facebook / Nutrish

The 49-year old cooking celebrity recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of her brand Nutrish, in New York City, by making a big announcement: she wants to write a dog cookbook! How amazing! I will be the among the first to buy it.


Credit: People

Rachael talked about the birthday cake she made for Isaboo saying: “I put in a cup of white rice, a little bit of breadcrumbs, I like to use the whole wheat toasted breadcrumbs, a touch of mint for their breath — it really does help. Then I add two egg yolks, four egg whites and then just bake it like a normal cake. It’s great because it’s high in protein and has good fats in there, it’s a balanced meal. I also like to add in a pinch of sea salt, no pepper of course.”


Credit: Instagram / @rachaelray

Rachael adds the cake is a well-balanced meal for a dog (or even a person) and said Isaboo loved it!  When asked by US Weekly if this recipe will be in any upcoming cookbook, the famous animal lover and author of more than 20 cookbooks quipped: “I really want to make a dog cookbook”. A stand alone dog recipe book! Delightful!

We will let you know as soon as Rachael Ray’s dog cookbook is on the shelves! In the meantime, do you have any tried and true dog-friendly recipes that you would like to share?