Dogs Who Break World Records!

These incredible dogs have made their way into the Guinness World Records!

By Catalina Barrios

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Credit: PetGuide

What is the weirdest, most unique, most incredibly cute trick in your dog’s repertoire?  I love dog tricks! I have tried to teach some to my dog, but have had limited success. I am not giving up, though, especially after seeing these wonder dogs in action!

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Credit: Pets4Homes

One of the favorite books that I enjoy with my son is the Guinness World Records. We love reading about the strange and creative talents people and animals possess from around the world. Everybody wants their fifteen minutes of fame and these dogs have certainly found their time!

Here are some of our favorite record holding animals:

Tallest Dog Ever


Credit: Guinness World Records

Zeus is the tallest dog in history. This Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan measured 44 inches (1.1 metres) tall. Although Zeus passed away in 2004, he has held this title posthumously since 2011.  According to the Guinness World Records, the average lifespan for a Great Dane is just six to eight years old; Zeus died at the age of 6.

Fastest 30 Meters on a Scooter by a Dog

What an interesting record! I would love to go see this dog ride a scooter, but for now, we can enjoy it on video. In 2013, Norman, a French sheepdog, broke a world record for his dog speed-scooting abilities.  At the age of 3, he rode a scooter for a distance of around 100 feet in less than 21 seconds; he beat the previous record holder by more than nine seconds!

Longest Tongue on a Dog


Credit: Guinness World Records

This adorable Saint Bernard holds the title for the dog with the longest tongue. Mochi’s tongue measures 7.3 inches (around 19 centimeters) in length. Owner, Carla Rickert of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, says this rescue dog was once abused and neglected, but is now happy, exerting her “big personality” and eating sweet potatoes.

Most Tennis Balls Held in a Single Canine Mouth


Credit: Guinness World Records

Now, this is something my dog would love to train to beat!  Augie is a Golden Retriever who, in 2003, successfully held five regulation-sized tennis balls in his mouth. No dog has yet surpassed this record.

Fastest 100m with a Can Balanced on Head


Credit: Guinness World Records

What a creative and challenging record! Sweet Pea, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie, is the fastest dog to walk 100 meters with a can balanced on her head. She acheived this feat in 2 minutes and 55 seconds. Sweet Pea lives in Lake County, Illinois with her owner Alex Rothaker and has held this record since 2008.

Largest Eyes on a Dog


Credit: Guinness World Records

Bruschi is a cute Boston Terrier who holds the Guinness World Record for being the dog with the largest eyes. Each one of his eyes measures 28 mm, a little more than an inch, in diameter. According to the Guinness World Record, Bruschi can’t see directly in front of him and can only use peripheral vision. The 8-year old Boston Terrier lives with his owner, Victoria Reed, in Toby, Texas. Victoria says Bruschi loves to play, especially with tennis balls, “He could play fetch for hours, it gets to the point where I have to put the ball up out of reach because he wont stop playing and is out of breath!”

Largest Dog Litter


Credit: Guinness World Records

The world record for largest litter is 24 pups!! These sweeties were born in 2004 to Tia, a Neapolitan Mastiff in Cambridgeshire, England. All of the dogs were born by Caesarian section. Unfortunately, three died in the first week, leaving 9 females and 15 males.

Fastest Time to Pop 100 Balloons by a Dog

This looks like so much fun! Twinkie is a Jack Russell Terrier who lives in California. He had a blast setting his world record of popping 100 balloons in less than 40 seconds. Would you dare to attempt to break Twinkie’s record?

Largest Dog Wedding


Credit: Guinness World Records

What an adorable record! I would love to see dogs barking “I Do”. The largest ever dog wedding ceremony took place on May 19, 2007 at the “Bow Wow Vows” event organized by the Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center in Littleton, Colorado. There, 178 dog pairs sealed their union with a bark. Even though the ceremony was unofficial and had no legal value, the dogs received a complimentary wedding certificate.

Dog with the Longest Tail


Credit: Guinness World Records

Keon is a happy Irish Wolfhound who lives in Westerlo, Belgium. He holds the record for the dog with the longest tail, measuring 30.2 inches (76.8 centimeters). He has been the proud holder of this title since 2015. Keon’s tail is as long as the average two-year old human.

You can check out more amazing feats at the Guinness World Records page.  What is the craziest record you have ever heard about?