10 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

Even your pet’s belongings and sleep area could use a “spring cleaning”

By Catalina Barrios

Photo by Zach Shup on Unsplash

One of the lesser known signs of spring is letting a dog outside and he fails to scoot right back in.  This beautiful season means longer days and warmer temperatures and time to relax outdoors. My dog’s face when she sees the sun and the nice weather is priceless! She runs around the living room with joy when I tell her “Let’s go outside”.

Another sign of spring is the “deep clean.” There is nothing like a freshly cleaned home! Our pets enjoy it too – a clean environment keeps pets healthy and happy.

Here are 10 essential spring cleaning tips for pet owners:

1. Check The Pet Pantry

Photo: Shutterstock

Even though the expiry period for most animal food and snacks is a long one, it doesn’t hurt to check the best-by date for food and snacks.  The last thing you want is your pet to get sick from spoiled food. The couple of minutes it takes you to check your pet’s pantry are totally worth it.

2. Clean The Pet Bowls

Photo: Versace  DOG BOWL

How many times do you clean your pet’s bowl? We studiously make sure the food and water bowls are filled, but how often do we remove built up saliva and bacteria? According to study from the National Safety Federation, pet food bowls are the fourth germiest item in a house. Two of the top were the kitchen cloth and remote control.

To get rid of these germs, wash your pet’s bowl with hot water and mild soap or use a 50% water and 50% vinegar solution. It is recommended to wash their bowls on a daily basis.

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