HOUND Collection Releases Spring 2018 Colors

Gorgeous leathers and scarves you’ll want in your dog’s collection

By The Get Leashed Goods Team

Photo: HOUND Collection

Out with the drab and in with the fab! Spring is a time for renewal – with flowers blooming, birds chirping, and closets getting cleaned out! With all the storms and stirrings of 2018, you may be ready for a new beginning, even in the simplest of terms, like replacing the leash you use every day. A pop of color is a fantastic mood booster, and HOUND Collection has developed some perfect wow-items for the season.

Take a look at the new colors for Spring 2018

Aegean Sea Leather

Photo: HOUND Collection

Imagine yourself at the Mediterranean sea, nestled between stunning Greece and enchanting Turkey, island hopping, spending afternoons in the sun. The Aegean Sea wraps around luxury islands like Mykonos, and you can capture a bit of that indulgence for your dog with HOUND’s Aegean Sea leather products (collar, leash, and harness).


Photo: HOUND Collection

Sometimes you don’t want to be fancy, but that doesn’t mean you (and your dog) can’t look polished. If pajama dressing and athleisure are your go-tos, consider the HOUND items created in cozy Sweatpant.

Honey Leather

Photo: HOUND Collection

Is there any greater feeling than putting away your parka for the season and running your fingers over a supple, buttery leather jacket? Honey Leather – you will never grow tired of this neutral staple.

Orchid Ostrich Print Leather

Photo: HOUND Collection

Do you and your dog like to strut and standout? This deep Orchid hue with Ostrich print is definitely an eye-catcher. Match your favorite lipstick, work tote, or add a pop to an otherwise all black wardrobe to keep them guessing!

Breeze Leather

Photo: HOUND Collection

Weekends at the lake, morning coffees on the terrace…there is something so calming and beautiful about this pale blue Breeze leather. Mix it into your current collection or spring for the entire set: harness, leash, and collar.

Tahiti Pink Leather

Photo: HOUND Collection

While the heat and beauty of Tahiti seems legions away from Toronto right now, we can definitely appreciate this bit of French Polynesian flair. Tahiti Pink is one of those perfect vacation inspiring shades, putting us in the mood to book a pet-friendly getaway! Time to update your dog’s paperwork and shake out their cabin carrier.

HOUND Scarf in Retro Floral

Photo: HOUND Collection

For fans of accessorizing, you’re in luck; HOUND has also released new patterns of their stunning scarfs. We are fully obsessed with the Retro Floral print and color!

Have a look at the entire collection and enjoy free North American-wide shipping.