Spain’s Police Dog Perks: Music Therapy and Heated Beds

K-9 Policia enjoy The Mozart Effect in Spain

By Catalina Barrios

Photo:  El PAIS 

A Spanish home underwent a 3-month makeover. The renovations include: roofing, comfortable bedrooms, new air conditioning and heating systems, shaded patio, and an audio system for music therapy. You may be thinking these are changes in a five star hotel or a mansion, but these are some of the new changes taking place at the newly upgraded Madrid Police kennel.

The Spanish city of Madrid has over 20 dogs working on its police force. Even though the training police dogs receive is as playful as possible, they are often exposed to stressful and loud situations. This is why the City is working to ensure the canines have an enjoyable downtime. It makes sense, because after a long day of work who wouldn’t want to relax in a comfortable couch or take a warm bath?

Photo: EL PAIS 

The local government wants to ensure their adorable police force members have a great quality of life by helping them relax after a long day of police work. Their new home includes a patio, where they can lie comfortable during the summer months; a green grass play area, and heated beds. According to Madrid Police, the heated beds will improve the kennel’s climate control via reducing energy bills by 80%.

The redesigned kennel will also have its own veterinary clinic and a bathing and personal care center. To top this off, every day dogs will be exposed to music. Yey for music! A new audio system was installed for music therapy, where a technique, called the Mozart Effect, will be used. The Madrid Police said they had found music reduces stress in the dog. Classical music will be played at intervals throughout the day with a treatment tailored to the animal’s individual needs.

Photo: BBC News

All canines are trained as detectors and each dog is specialized in one particular area, such as explosives, narcotics, or counterfeit money. Other dogs work in rescue operations. Besides the Mozart Effect, handlers also play games with the dogs to help them destress.

Photo: Heraldo

The Madrid police dog section was created in 1983 and is a role model for police forces all over the country as one of the pioneer police dog-force teams in Spain. The force is also very proud in having two of their “canine agents” with a double specialty in explosives and rescue operations.

Photo by Aniruddh Dixit on Unsplash

Congratulations to the Madrid police in ensuring their canine staff are cared for. Well done!