Dutch Engineer Creates the Cutest Cat Communication Interface

Your cat is now able to text you that they’re ready to come inside!

By Catalina Barrios

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

The rapid changes in technology are hard to keep up with! I remember when I got the iPhone 4 and was first brought into the fold of the Apple family. Now I have an iPhone 7, and the latest Apple gadgets have moved on up from there. I wonder what cellphone advances will come by the time my son graduates from high school, in 4 years.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

Technology also facilitates our daily living, like innovative gadgets to help our pets. For example, there is a ball that you can control, remotely, with a touch of your phone; there are self-filling dishes, pet water fountains, even automated ball-tossers. Now, Dutch engineer, Arkaitz Garro, has created a one-of-a-kind interface for cat lovers.


Credit: Twitter / @arkaitzgarro

The device recognizes when your outdoor adventurous kitty would like to come inside. Usually, your cat is left to stare through the window or paw at the door until your attention can be caught. Well, now your cat can send you a text that they would like to come inside. Garro’s gadget uses Slack’s messaging app to relay the message from the device to your phone.

Garro’s idea was inspired by a friendship he developed with a cat that lived a few houses away from him and his wife. The cat developed a schedule, visiting Garro’s house at specific times during the day. When the cat arrive on Garro’s porch, he would stare at the door until he was granted entrance.

Garro designed a gadget with a camera that could use motion-detection and image-recognition Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to determine that the cat is outside the door and waiting to be let into the house.

“We wanted to be notified when he was around so we could open the back door for him, as we don’t have a cat-door,” said Garro. Garro doesn’t have a cat-flap at his house so every time the cat wants to come inside, it has to wait until Garro or his wife notice the cat is waiting at the door.


Credit: Business Insider

“When it detects movement, it sends the picture to a recognition software, that checks against the identity of the cat based on previous imagery of the cat,” added Garro. If the software recognizes that this is the correct cat, the owner will receive a push notification message on their phone.

Photo by Neil Daftary on Unsplash

The gadget also comes with an Amazon service called AWS Recognition which, at no cost, recognizes over 5000 images each month. “It took me a few hours to put all the pieces together and the software up and running, but also some more time after to fine tune the software to be able to recognize the cat,” said Garro. According to the Dutch engineer the device’s setup only cost $50 USD and takes a few hours to assemble. He adds it is almost 100% reliable when the cat is looking at the camera.


Credit: Business Insider

Is this not the cutest text ever? If you have an outdoor cat, you might need to install this system.

If you could create a product for pets what would it be?