Instagram Model, Keevonna Wilson, Faces Renewed Vigilantism Over Footage of Dog Abuse

Why Would Anyone Hurt A Dog?

By Jennifer Grant

Photo: Miami Herald / Miami-Dade Corrections 

There is no way to tell what events preceded the horrible moment in the elevator, when Shih-Tzu, Chastity, was cornered by her abuser.  What could possibly have triggered such intense rage? Surely something concrete tweaked 24-year old Keevonna C’Ante Wilson past the point of reason. Or was this just another moment in a pattern of abuse?

Photo: Instagram

In a very distressing viral video, the 24-year old Instagram model can be seen, via elevator CCTV, kicking and stomping her little dog, Chastity. The assault happened in Miami, Florida, last September.  A fresh wave of outrage is sweeping the Internet as the video finds another round of viral infamy.

Photo: Youtube

In the video, Wilson appears to calmly enter the elevator with her Shih-Tzu dog.  As soon as the doors close, however, Wilson corners the dog and unleashes a torrent of kicks and stomps onto its tiny body. The doors open again and she exits as if nothing happened. Poor Chastity scampers to keep up, obviously disoriented and frightened.

The whole thing is chilling in the lack of care or remorse Wilson demonstrates. Is this sort of abuse a regular part of Chastity’s life? The vet that examined the sweet pup after her rescue described, “contusions bilaterally in the abdominal area, contusions bilaterally in pinnae, and pain upon palpation of lumbar spine and abdomen.” It’s hard to know if these injuries were acquired from a singular event or not. Chastity was originally placed with Miami Dade Animal Services and has since found a wonderful foster home.

Photo: Youtube

There are three types of animal abusers: unwitting, singular incident, and pathological.

The first type, are those whom are unaware of the needs of the animal or whom are mentally unfit to care for animals. Secondly, are the abusers that lose control or bow to peer pressure – like kick the cat down the stairs in a fit of rage or throw rocks at a bird because the other kids are doing it.

The pathological abuser is the worst type of all.  These people hurt animals because it gives them a sense of power or release of rage. This behavior typically requires psychological help.

Which type of abuser is Wilson? Perhaps that will be revealed in the court case. She was initially arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Wilson quickly posted $5000 bail, but still faces charges.  To date, there is no explanation for this horrendous behavior. Wilson has spent her time in hiding, renaming or creating new Instagram accounts in an effort to keep her Instagram career alive. Activists are on her every step of the way.

Warning: the below video footage may be disturbing to watch

What should you do if you see someone abusing an animal? First, get help! Call the police or animal shelter if you witness violence against an animal or find an animal with inadequate shelter or nutrition. Write down everything that you see: dates, time, description of event and people involved. This way you can be a reliable advocate for the abused animal.

Photo: Shutterstock Eric Isselee

It is really awful to think that someone is capable of hurting such loyal and loving companions. It is a betrayal of the highest order, but we can take comfort in the fact that most pet owners love their animals and that there are measures in place to protect those that are hurting.

Consider donating to your local shelter to help support abused animals.