Marnie The Dog Charms Matt Nelson of @Dog_Rates

Two Internet Superstars from the dog world come together at Corgi Beach Day

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @officialdogfather

When two giant Internet personalities collide, it’s like having your favorite recording artists collaborate on a song. This might be a millennial thing, but when two giant pup-fluencers, like Marnie The Dog and Matt Nelson, get together, the dog community rejoices!  If you love dogs, this is your day because we just got so many adorable doggy photos.


Credit: Instagram / @MarnieTheDog

You might be asking, “Marnie who?” or “Matt Nelson who?” Well, Marnie the Dog is a 16-year-old Shih Tzu rescue  who stole the Internet’s heart with her tilted head and permanently lolling tongue. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, her own book, and website, a doll, and hundreds of other bits of merchandising, this celebrity dog pops up all over the Internet and befriends human and dog celebrities alike.


Credit: Instagram / @officialdogfather

Matt Nelson is the human behind the oh-so-popular Twitter account @dog_rates. Dog rates takes photos of dogs and rates them on a scale of one to ten.  Most dogs, however, score an 11 or even 13! The account started as funny quips from a bored college student but has morphed into its own dog rating empire.  @Dog_rates has almost 7 million followers, a book, an app, and even a popular online store. And its founder is only 21!


Credit: Twitter / @MarnieTheDog

One sunny day at Corgi Beach Day in South California, Matt got to meet Marnie and this was but one of the highlights.  Marnie, wearing her best Hawaiian shirt, captioned her photo, “Having lunch w @matt___nelson he rates dogs”.


Credit: Twitter / @matt__nelson

The “Dogfather” got to snuggle with a whole host of adorable dogs, including fluffy pupper, Atlas the Samoyed.


Credit: Twitter / @luxuryxo

As for Marnie, she got cuddles from all her fans and photo ops with other doggos at the beach party. These doggy beach days need to be on the regular! So cute!