Shiba Inu Lattes Are The Newest Thing In Taiwan

If you love Shibas, lattes, and likes on Instagram, head on over to Taiwan!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @cchlest

Every time it appears the cuteness factor for latte art has peaked, something tops it! At first, hearts in our foam impressed us, then flowers, then birds, then actual cartoon characters and THEN a selfie floating atop our foam! Now, In Taiwan, food-stagrammers flock to Mr. R Drinks café to get a gorgeous shot of the delicious and adorable Shiba Inu latte!


Credit: Instagram / @mrrdrinks

The café offers various unique milk-tea flavors, like rose, matcha, and sakura. The biggest attraction, however, rests with the Shiba-shaped marshmallow that snuggles on top of your drink.


Credit: Instagram / @mrrdrinks

Shiba marshmallows come in different colors, like pink, brown, and black. Whatever your mood, whatever the weather, you can match a Shiba to your latte to boost your Instagram aesthetic.


Credit: Instagram / @wilmalin0722

When cherry blossom season welcomed the spring, the pink Shiba was the perfect choice to celebrate the arrival of warmer weather.


Credit: Instagram / @mrrdrinks

Fortuitously for Mr. R Drinks, 2018 is the year of the dog. What better way to celebrate and spread the luck than to share a Shiba-adorned drink and a red pocket?


Credit: Instagram / @rainzoe_foto

So if you’re in Taipei’s Da’an District, don’t pass by Mr. R Drinks for a delicious drink and an adorable Shiba marshmallow!