Madame Eyebrows Has A Serious Case Of Resting Sad Face

They really mean it when they say, “it’s all in the brows”

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @madame_eyebrows

Fur patterns and facial features create a lot of happy accidents that make pets especially endearing, and sometimes famous. There was a Shiba-Inu puppy, born with a perma-pout and Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat. There have been pups and kitties born with heart-shaped splotches on their bodies and even Chimera cats that look like two cats in one.  The latest Internet sensation is Madame Eyebrows, of Germany. She is a pup with big, bold, sad “eyebrow” markings over her eyes.


Credit: Instagram / @madame_eyebrows

But, it’s not just the eyebrows – Madame Eyebrows has a naturally downturned mouth that makes you just want to scoop her up and whisper happy thoughts into her fur. Still, the “sad” face has attracted almost 40 thousand followers on Instagram because it’s so dang cute!


Credit: Instagram / @madame_eyebrows

As a puppy, Madame Eyebrows was born looking as if she forgot where she buried her bone. What a precious bean!


Credit: Instagram / @madame_eyebrows

Now, as she’s getting older and more seasoned, her face easily translates into gorgeous “artsy” shots that any sad human would struggle to feign!

Snapshots with a dying bouquet of roses and that “sad” face rack up the likes on Instagram. In reality, Madame Eyebrows probably just sniffed the petals like any other curious pup.


Credit: Instagram / @madame_eyebrows

Not even a good pair of heels can brighten Madame’s Friday. We can relate. No one REALLY wants to wear heels, right?


Credit: Instagram / @madame_eyebrows

But truly, Madame Eyebrows was just born looking sad even though her life is splendidly happy.  You can follow Madam on Instagram to see all the sad adventures!