Zac Efron Rescues A Dog, Saving Her From Euthanasia!

The movie star brings home a rescue named Maca

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @zacefron

Zac Efron has starred in a lot of movies since High School Musical, but as far as I’m concerned, he could have stopped right there.  Zac can be shirtless in countless movies, but my adolescent heart will always see Troy Bolton, conflicted basketball player turned singer, in love with Gabriella. Sigh. Reminiscent of the power to steal pre-teen hearts in 2006, Zac stole all the hearts when he posted photos of his new rescue on Twitter and Instagram.


Credit: Instagram / @zacefron

Los Angeles humane pet shop, Bark n’ Bitches, intervened as the dog was heading toward the kill room – THEN Efron volunteered to foster her.


Credit: Instagram / @zacefron

Barks n’ Bitches’ Instagram post read, “Tilly, now MACA, was being led to the kill room when we stepped in and said we would take her. She was turned around and brought to us! This guy named Zac Efron came in (we hear he is an actor, but we think he actually waits tables) came in and fell in love. He went through our application process and fostered MACA and just could not give her back. So MACA now lives with Zac! This is her happily ever after! Happy life MACA! Happy Life.”


Credit: Twitter / @zacefron

Zac’s Instagram his caption was a simple, “Hey planet ?, this is MACA.   #adoptdontshop.”   If Bark n’ Bitches sounds familiar, it’s because that’s where singer Khalid adopted his puppy last year!

On his Instagram story, Zac posted videos of  Maca learning how to sit; plus more adorable photos of  some good ol’ cuddles.


Credit: Instagram / @zacefron

Efron joins Zendaya, his co-star in The Greatest Showman, as a new celebrity pet parent!


Credit: Instagram / @zacefron

Congratulations to Maca and Efron! We’re so happy Maca found her forever home!