Adorable Cat and Dog “Twins” Become Internet Celebrities

This special friendship is an inspiration for all of us!

By Catalina Barrios

Photo: Mitsuo Ryu via Asahi

I often hear the saying, “They fight like cats and dogs”. Many would think that cats and dogs don’t get along, but this is not true. As friends tend to, they have their ups and downs in an otherwise sturdy relationship. And as I tell my son, real friends will always be at your side, and this is the case for Fuunmaru and Raizo.

Photo: Youtube

Mitsuo Ryu is the owner of 7-year old dog, Fuunmaru. Last year, around mid-June, while Ryu was working in his garden, he heard a cat cry. He looked for the cat for a long time, but couldn’t find it. After a couple of days, he heard the cat meow again. Who was this cat? Was it lost without any food or shelter?

Ryu finally found the cat seeking refuge under a table at the corner of the garden. The cat looked very similar to his dog, having a black coat with white facial markings – almost as if they were twins, or at least related. Ryu gave the cat some of Fuunmaru’s dog food and surprisingly, the cat scarfed it down like it hadn’t eaten for days.

Photo: Mitsuo Ryu via Asahi

Two days later, while Fuunmaru was in the porch, guess who came back? The cat! Fuunmaru was happy to see the cat and leaned toward him. At first, the cat was frightened, but then he responded positively to Fuunmaru’s doggy cuddles. The next day, Ryu welcomed the cat into his home and Fuunmaru greeted the feline with a lick on the back. The cat became known as Raizo.

Photo: Youtube

The pets, now best friends, have become celebrities in Japan. They are featured on television and multiple social media accounts.  Fuunmaru protects Raizo as if the cat were his pup. The pair enjoy romping around together during the day and snuggling side by side at night.

The happiness these adorable animals bring to their owner is beautiful. In a recent Tweet, Ryu said: “I have suffered hardships, but all my stress melts away when I see photographs of Fuunmaru and Raizo.” Ryu wants to share this spiritual healing with as many people as possible.

Enjoy this touching video of Fuunmaru and Raizo. It will brighten your day…