Dachshund Museum Opens In Germany!

Calling all wiener (dog) lovers! Check out the Doxie dedicated museum!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @harlowandsage

There’s just something about the Dachshund’s tiny, long body and four stumpy legs! Everything about them just screams, “put me in a bun!”. They don’t just look cute, Dachshunds are also super cuddly and oh so soft. They have velvety ears and a long body that makes for especially relaxing pats.

Armin Weigel:picture-alliance:dpa:AP

Credit: Armin Weigel

If you already loved Dachshunds before, then you don’t need any further convincing to go to Passau, Germany for a visit to the one of a kind Dackelmuseum. With over 4500 doxie items on display (like, stamps, art, toys, figurines, instruments and more), it’s a Dachshund heaven!

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Credit: Armin Weigel

The men behind Dackelmuseum, Josef Küblbeck and Oliver Storz, have been collecting wiener-dog memorabilia for over 25 years. They even have their own real-life Dachshunds, Seppi and Moni.


Credit: Instagram / @oye_dachshund

According to Küblbeck, the world needed a sausage dog museum, so a sausage dog museum he created. Storz and Küblbeck gave up florist careers to open this awesome museum.

Credit: IOC

It’s fitting that the Dackelmuseum is opening in Germany as Dachshunds were first bred there as tiny hunter dogs in the 17th century. They were designed to get into badger burrows.  The breed rose in popularity so much so that Waldi the Dachshund was in the 1972 Munich Olympics!

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Credit: Armin Weigel

If you were at a loss as to where to travel next, definitely add Germany to your list! This museum can’t be missed!