Paws Up! Troy Police Department Ready to Welcome New Kitty Recruit

The Troy Police Department Has a New Feline Unit!

By Catalina Barrios

Photo: Shutterstock Happy monkey

Looking for a great way to increase your Social Media following? You could adopt a cat!* This is exactly what the Troy Police Department did in early March as a way to attract more Twitter followers and improve public relations. A campaign was created that promised to adopt a cat if they got more than 10,000 followers within a 1-month period.

*Note: Pets should never be adopted as a tool to increase following or as a publicity stunt. This kitty is going to a loving and safe home and will not experience any stress in their new role as Police Cat.

Credit: Twitter @TroyMI_Police

The Social Media outreach received a great response. At the start of the campaign the Department had 4,000 followers; it now boasts over 11,000. A kitty will soon join the staff and this innovative police department is now looking for new ways to increase pet adoption at local shelters.

Throughout their recruitment process, the Michigan Humane Society brought many furry visitors to the police station.

Credit: Twitter @TroyMI_Police

There have been numerous messages of support from the public, as well as donations. What do you think the cat’s title should be? Cat Chief? Public Relations Cat? We are not sure yet, but we do know that the he will find no shortage of love and purpose as he trots around the station. And just look at that adorable kitty uniform!

Credit: Twitter @TroyMI_Police

The successful candidate will not live at the station full time, but with Katie, from the dispatch department. This mew recruit will assist in a therapeutic capacity and make public appearances.

Credit: Twitter @TroyMI_Police

The Troy Police Department will ask students to come up with a name for the kitten. A name will be chosen through a vote via Twitter.

Credit: Twitter @TroyMI_Police

You can follow the new life of Police Cat at #policecat. Cuteness overload!