The Queen Loses Her Last Corgi

Certainly the sad end to a magnificent era as the Queen mourns the death of Willow.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Getty / Anwar Hussein

When one thinks of the British monarchy and pets, one of the first things that comes to mind is Queen Elizabeth trailed by her pack of Corgis. When her majesty was just 18-years old, she was gifted her first Corgi, named Susan.  It is a sad day for this great monarch as the last of Susan’s descendants, Willow, has passed away at the age of 14. The 91-year-old queen is said to have been “hit hard” with the loss.


Credit: Instagram / @theroyalfamily

Last year, the Queen made the decision not to add any more Corgis to her family, in part for fear of tripping over them, but also with respect to her age and not wanting to leave them alone when she passes. She made an exception, however, when the Keeper of The Queen’s Corgis died, followed quickly by her husband. You could say the Queen returned the favor when she adopted their Corgi,  Whisper.


Credit: Instagram / @theroyalfamily

Royal dogs, Vulcan and Candy, both Dorgis (Corgi-Dachshund mixes) are still companions to the Queen.  The loss of Willow, however, signifies a sad milestone in Her Majesty’s life.

Artist Cindy Lass was commissioned by Her Majesty to paint the Corgis. Credit: Cindy Lass 

The Corgis are an iconic part of the Queen’s public persona and were a significant part of her life. Some would say “Corgi” is synonymous with Queen Elizabeth.  Visitors to the palace shops can even purchase stuffed versions of the Corgis.


Credit: nbcolympics

Willow had an exciting life outside of the palace too. She starred in a mini-movie with Daniel Craig that showed at the 2012 Olympic games.  This beautiful pup was also the subject of photoshoots with American photographer Annie Leibiovitz’s in portraits with the Queen.


Credit: Instagram / @theroyalfamily

Our thoughts go out to Queen Elizabeth at this difficult time. Rest in Peace, Willow!