10 Unique Celebrity Pet Names

These pooches have a reputation that matches their famous name!

By Catalina Barrios

Photo: Instagram @hiltonpets

One of the first decisions you make as a parent is choosing your child’s name. It is such a momentous choice that there are hundreds of books dedicated to the subject. Even with this guidance, some celebrities still go rogue and select rather unusual monikers for their children: Apple, North, Stormi, Saint, Chicago, and the list goes on.  It appears that some celebrity pets have enjoyed the same hyper-focus on originality.

Let us know which one of these names you like best.

Mr. Famous

Photo: Vanity Fair

This Yorkshire Terrier was Audrey Hepburn’s adorable dog that appeared with her in several movies. Mr. Famous was on the cover of magazines right alongside Hepburn.  The dog was an integral part of the actress’ life, but tragically died after being run over during the shooting of The Children’s Hour. After Mr. Famous died, Hepburn was gifted another Yorkshire Terrier that she named Assam of Assam.


Photo: London Entertainment/Splash via Celebrity Dog Watcher

Selma Blair named her Jack Russell “Wink” because he only has one eye. Last year she adopted a Pit Bull named “Cappy,” after losing another dog, “Ducky” in an accident. Cappy’s real name is “Cappuccino Houston”. The actress really knows how to come up with a name! She says that Cappy has adapted well to her family and has a special bond with her son, Arthur.

Matzoball and Meatball

Photo: Facebook / Adam Sandler

How can I forget one of my favorite comedy movies, “Happy Gilmore”? Adam Sandler’s character was priceless! Well, this actor loves Bulldogs. His adored pooch, Meatball, was even the best man at his wedding. Sadly, Meatball died in 2004, so Sandler made room in his home and his heart for another Bullie that he calls “Matzoball”.

Photo: Matzo via Celebrity Dog Watcher

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