9 Celebrities Who Are Huge Animal Activists

3. Pamela Anderson

Credit: Splash via Mirror UK 

The Baywatch star is vegan and an animal rights defender as a key PETA spokesperson. Her advocacy can be spotlit by a campaign against seal hunting and a naked publicity stunt to advocate for the end of the use of fur in fashion.

4. Sarah McLachlan

Credit: The Loop

The Canadian singer, songwriter and animal lover is an active supporter of the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Sarah made a touching plea for donations in a video designed for ASPCA; her song, Angel, plays in the background. Over $30 million has been raised thanks to Sarah’s lending of her celebrity status to benefit the care of vulnerable animals. Well done, Sarah!

5. Ellen DeGeneres

Credit: ED Ellen DeGeneres 

My favorite talk show host (being in her audience is on my bucket list) and vocal animal welfare supporter, Ellen DeGeneres, has been helping animals in need and promoting the #adoptdontshop campaign for many years. Ellen has donated thousands and thousands of meals to shelter animals, as well as gives her time to fight against animal testing. For Ellen’s 60th birthday, her wife Portia, surprised her with a gift of a lifetime – Ellen’s own wildlife fund, “The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.”  Ellen has this to say about animals, “I love animals, and I want to protect them, especially when they’re endangered. We need these incredible creatures and they need our love and compassion to help save them.”

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