Recording Artist Deadmau5’s Cat Does Not Like The New Kitten

Life can suck when a new sibling arrives – for both humans and cats.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: Facebook / deadmau5

Canadian recording artist, Joel Thomas Zimmerman (aka Deadmau5) is famous for his house music and for his love of the adorable Prof. Meowingtons, PhD. The kitty appears regularly on Zimmerman’s social media accounts and connects rather well with the producer’s mouse image. Meowingtons has always reveled in his “only child” status, but this has all come to a grinding halt as Deadmau5 has brought home a new kitten.


Credit: Instagram / @deadmau5

Deadmau5 introduced the new kitten, still in its carrier, during a video posted on Instagram. The tiny kitten, named Noob, gave a few precious and quiet mews that melted everyone’s hearts.


Credit: Instagram / @deadmau5

In a subsequent video, Zimmerman captured Meowingtons’ first encounter with Noob. After a few curious sniffs and hesitant steps, Meowingtons saunters away from his new sibling. Disinterested or overcome with emotion? We may never know.


Credit: Instagram / @deadmau5

Meowington is going to have to accept the fact that there’s a new kitten in the Deadmau5 house. Delightfully, Deadmau5’s fans will get to follow the adventures of two cats!


Credit: Instagram / @deadmau5

Deadnmau5’s name may ring a bell due to his past feud with Disney. In 2015, Disney attempted to sue Zimmerman for his stage headgear – the mouse head. Disney argued that it was made in the likeness of Mickey Mouse and that the negative connotation of “deadness”  didn’t jive well with the joy and happiness associated with Mickey Mouse’s silhouette.


Credit: Instagram / @deadmau5

The dispute started soon after Deadmau5’s single, “See You” found its way into mainstream music. Prior to this publicity, Deadmau5 and Disney happily coexisted and Deadmau5 was not about to stand down on what had become an essential part of his branding. The case has since be amicably settled and both mice get to stay.


Credit: Instagram / @deadmau5

Zimmerman is no stranger to litigation. A quick Google search will turn up plenty of examples of suing and counter-suing. Meowington was even brought into question when a Florida entrepreneur sued for trademark infringement as she owns an online cat store called

Let’s hope Noob doesn’t get into any legal wrangling!??