108 Superpower Dogs is A Guinness World Record

What do you get when you combine super powers and dogs? A world record!

By Catalina Barrios
Credit: Twitter/@Superpower Dogs

Do you remember thumbing your way through the annual Guinness Book of World Records? It was always tucked into the “reserved” section of the library; you were never, ever allowed to take it home.  My friends and I would pile around this terrible and stunning world of freakish records, trying not to incite the librarian’s wrath with our “ohs” and “ahs,” While the record I’m about to share with you is not freakish nor strange, it is still attention grabbing with its adorbs factor cranked on high.

Credit: Twitter / @SuperpowerDogs

To set the stage, let me ask you this: Have you ever tried to get a professional family photo done with kids in tow? The outtakes would be hilarious because it is a near impossible task to get everyone in the frame while standing still. Well, transpose that onto dogs, but make it 108 dogs.

Superpower Dogs, a 3D documentary set to be released in Spring 2019, recently ran a promotion to create the largest dog photo shoot ever.  They did it! And the event was full of fun dog-friendly activities, as well as giveaways and delicious treats.

Credit: Guinness World Records

The adorable photo shoot went down on the last day of filming, in Los Angeles. So, now it’s almost time to wear your 3D glasses for this 3D IMAX documentary about dogs with super powers.  The film follows five canines in their “super” jobs – from digging people out of avalanches to seeking survivors in earthquakes, even fighting crime; these are some amazing pups!

Credit: Instagram / @superpowerdogs

A Guinness representative was present at the event to verify the record and give a certificate to the film producers.

Credit: Guinness World Records 

Superpower Dogs is a film produced by the Canadian-based production company, Cosmic Pictures.

Taran Davies, CEO of Cosmic Pictures had this to say about the special Guinness World Record event: “Every dog is a Superpower Dog, and we aimed to give local pups their moment in the spotlight as we filmed the closing scene for the movie.”

Credit: Twitter / @SuperpowerDogs

I will encourage you to follow Superpower Dogs in their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. It is impossible not to fall in love with this adorable dogs! Dogs are one of the most precious and amazing creations in Earth.

Here is a sneak peak of the Superpower Dogs in action…Enjoy!