Gucci and Harry Styles Set The Bar For Fall Menswear

Even puppies and chickens can’t distract from these beautiful suits.

By Jennifer Grant

Image: Glen Luchford for Gucci

Harry Styles seems the perfect choice for what is certain to be one of most memorable fashion campaigns ever. Gucci has plugged into the suit-wearing prowess of singer, Harry Styles and expertly rolled in equal measures of doggy cuteness and chicken wow.  The X-factor (UK-based talent show) winner, turned boy band member, and now solo artist, is well known for his flamboyant, yet stylish suits. Harry has a definite propensity for the Gucci suit and frequents the designs of the brilliant Alessandro Michele.

Here’s a sneak peek, featuring our favorite piece in the collection – a gorgeous nod to the 70s with an over-sized lapel, New Marseille jacket with intricate embroidering (designed by Alessandro Michele).

Image: Glen Luchford for Gucci

Harry has always had a robust fashion relationship with Gucci, frequently wearing custom-made suits while performing on stage. The former One Direction singer has helped push the cheerful, grandma’s couch-esque suit into mainstream fashion. And he effortlessly cranks up the hot factor.

Image: Hollywood Reporter

GQ contributing editor, Nick Carvell, told The Guardian, “Menswear has been getting bolder for a few seasons now.”  This is thanks, in large part, to the visionary musings and direction of Alessandro Michele, who first started designing for Gucci in 2015.

Image: Jeff Kravitz/Film Magic for Sony Music

For this campaign, Gucci has created a story around the photo series. Harry Styles takes his dog and chicken crew to a local fish n’ chip shop in North London and then shares the spoils. Where did they come from? A big night out perhaps? Have they always known each other or just from last night?

The press release outlines that the photos are meant to echo “many famous photographs and scenes from British films.” The 24-year old singer carries the story off effortlessly, with his brooding look and obvious affection for his canine friends. You can just imagine that after this feed, “the boys” (and their chicken) are headed for grand, but sophisticated adventures in the big, wide world.

Image: Gucci

In the end, it should be difficult to be sophisticated when one is carting about a chicken. It’s an interesting combination Gucci has summoned here. The chicken makes this fashion world seem so much more attainable. And Harry manages to make it seem, if not normal, at least beyond reproach to carry a chicken into a chippy shop. Who would question the chicken-toting motivations for a man who looks like this?

Image: Glen Luchford for Gucci

Or indeed, like this…

Image: Glen Luchford for Gucci

It is after all, The Year of the Dog, and Gucci has given other nods to our canine companions.  Earlier this year, they unveiled a new capsule collection in celebration of dogs. Alessandro Michele had a hand in these designs as well, along with London artist, Helen Downie. Alessandro Michele’s very own Boston Terriers, Bosco and Orso, even got to model.

Image: Gucci

Gucci has dropped a short video featuring Harry and his animal friends.  It’s a genius bit of marketing. Gucci sure knows how to start a conversation!

The collection Harry is wearing will be released in June 2018 for the Autumn/Winter 2019 season. This latest Gucci campaign can be followed using the hashtag:  #GucciTailoring.