No Luxury is Spared for These Lucky Dogs

Jet Pet Resorts has just opened North America’s first luxury doggy day (and overnight) care, in Vancouver.

By Jennifer Grant

Image: Foto Grin

The world is waking up to the fact that dogs are family, and there has never been a better time to be a traveling paw-rent. Twenty-five per cent of the 325,000 hotel listings on are pet-friendly. And the amenities are out of this world: dog cabana, pet psychics, monogramed dog beds, to pet massage! If you are visiting or working in North Vancouver this summer, you must check out Jet Pet Resort. For a small fee ($108 per night), your lovable fluffer will be pampered with luxury.

Image: Jet Set Resort – Grooming Area

Every detail of this posh space has been carefully planned with dog needs in mind. Even the entry ways take into consideration that some doggies get anxious when there are others milling about, so there is a shield at the dog level, but viewing space for humans.

The 84-suite doggy resort is located in Olympic Village and has been built from the ground up to include the latest in pet luxury care. While there, pets can take advantage of the services such as: food preparation, bubble baths, nail clipping, access to a human bed, and live web cam streams where dog parents can check in 24/7.

Dog tuck in and sleeping in human bed

Image: Jet Pet Resort

The 15,000 square foot resort is fully dedicated, indoor and out to your dog’s wellbeing.
Nightly rates range from $29.00 per night for a condo to $108.00 per night for a luxury suite.  You can even add special services, such as Reiki, to help an anxious dog regain his Zen.

Image: Jet Pet Resort – suites types for dogs

Business projections for 2019 predict that Canadians will spend $9.2 billion on non-medical services for their pet. This is no surprise as the pet-wellness sector continues to grow exponentially and paw-rents grow into discerning advocates for their pets.

“People want what’s best for their pet, be it social time or down time. There’s more of an awareness about what animals need and environments make a really big difference,” Amy Morris of the BC SPCA told The Vancouver Courier.

So whether you’re at that business meeting, catching lunch with clients, or seeing the sites, Jet Pet Resort will provide the love and stimulation that your best buddy needs to keep his mind off of missing you.