Behind The Scenes in Elevation Pictures’ Dog-Friendly Office

Take a tour of this epic dog-friendly film office in downtown Toronto.


Glitz, glamour and camera flashes abound! It is without doubt that working in the film biz is the holy grail of cool gigs. Stars, celebrities and exciting parties might be a regular part of your day-to-day in this coveted career path — but what if all that cool was compounded with being able to cavort with the most fabulous of co-workers in a dog-friendly office? That’s exactly what’s happening at the downtown, Toronto office of Elevation pictures.

Join us as we hit up their space and take a behind the scenes tour of this ultra cool, urban workplace care of their Founder, Laurie May.


We’re so happy to join you in your space. Can you tell us a bit about what your team does here?

Elevation Pictures is a film distribution company, and as such, we acquire, market, and release films within Canada. We target films that have critical acclaim and commercial appeal. A typical day has our team discussing scripts, screening films, and planning publicity/marketing for upcoming releases. The office is always busy and always exciting! Right now, we are focused on our big summer film, called Dog Days, starring Eva Longoria, Vanessa Hudgens, and Adam Pally. It’s the perfect ‘end of the summer,’ romantic comedy, that every dog-lover will enjoy.

You work in a very exciting field, what is your favorite work-related memory?

We have so many amazing work memories, including Academy wins. The 2017  Oscars will always be a dramatic story that we will remember. There was an envelope mishap, so when Warren Beatty opened the envelope is said, “Emma Stone – La La Land.” And he announced La La Land as the winner for Best Picture. The lovely people involved with La La Land were halfway through their speech when the mistake was revealed. It was very shocking, but the folks at La La Land were very gracious in handing over the Oscar to Moonlight.

On a funnier side, one of my favorite memories was attending the ‘dog red carpet’ event for our film, Megan Leavey. The dogs looked so cute getting driven in their mini cars, wearing bow ties and tiaras. Some dogs even showed up wearing army fatigues. Everyone went all out! It was really quite the night.

What is the greatest challenge for staying on top in your industry?

I think the greatest challenge is to predict what people will authentically connect with in terms of story. To help navigate that, we choose ‘elevated’ content, trust our gut, and usually audience and critics agree us.

How would you describe your office vibe?

We have a young, hip team of creative people who love film. The office is a busy place, but it’s a great energy because we all just love the work we do. We are lucky to be doing what we do, and I think that gratitude definitely permeates the office and generates a very positive vibe.

What is it like working in a dog-friendly office?

Everyone loves having dogs in our office. They are the office mascots and we’ve featured them in many social media posts. There were definitely some adjustments when we first made the transition – pups barking during conference calls or when the courier arrives. But, like everything in life, there is a learning curve. And our office dogs have the hang of things now.

Please tell us a bit about how these wonderful dogs came into your life?

When we first started the company, there were only three full time employees. Two of us were always out of the office for meetings, so our Director of Publicity and Promotions started to bring her dog, Cooper, to the office so that she wouldn’t spend the day alone. This opened the door for others to bring their pups to work. It adds such a great energy to our space when they are here. I am about to adopt a Red Fox Lab puppy, and I suspect she will also become an office regular.

Can you describe your personal style?

I’d say very confidently that the whole office has a very relaxed style. We are in the film business, after all. For premieres, I love to wear a dress.

One of the tag lines for Dog Days is: “What is it about dogs that bring us so much joy?” Tell us about the joy that your dog brings.

Dogs make everyone smile! When Elevation Pictures mascots, Cooper and Pepsi, are in the office, everyone is more relaxed and happy. How can you be anything but when a gorgeous pup is soaking up the sun on the office couch, hoping to sneak a piece of your lunch. Dogs keep us grounded, help build relationships, and bring joy with just a wag of the tail.

Where can people find you to keep up with the latest releases from Elevation Pictures?

We are very active on social media. You can find us on Facebook @Elevationpics, on Instagram @elevation_pics and on Twitter @elevation_pics.


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