Founders & Furballs – Mark Zuckerberg

The Internet Entrepreneur and The Beast

By Stefanie Gibson

mark zuckerberg and his dog beast founders and furballs

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is a guy who has it all. Not only did he come up with an idea that literally changed the world and start a charitable foundation to give back to those in need, but he also shares his life with a pretty rad Beast. No, not an endangered jaguar (he’s not one of those billionaires); Beast is his beloved pup.

When your net worth is estimated in the billions, what kind of dog do you get? You pick one that looks like a mop, of course. Beast is a Hungarian herding and cattle dog called a Puli. This rare breed is not one that’s often seen in the U.S.; there are 83 registered Pulis living there (compared to 79,000 Labs, for instance). It’s not surprising that such a unique man would find this dog so beguiling.

Beast is a shaggy little bundle of energy that can transform himself into various household objects. One minute he looks like a mop; the next, a rug. Though his camouflaging techniques are amazing, it’s something he comes by naturally. A gradual matting process transforms the Puli puppy fluff into a rope-like coat.

Beast is at the center of the Zuckerberg family. When Mark and his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, finally tied the knot, Beast was there walking the blushing bride down the aisle. Now that the couple has had their daughter, Max, Beast is right by her side (sometimes wearing a matching outfit).

Mark’s success can only be described as a whirlwind: it was fast and tremendous. Beast is a dog that seems more than capable of keeping up. With a dog like Beast by his side, there’s no telling what Mark will do next.

For Beast, what’s the main advantage of having a dad like Mark? Over 2 million likes on Facebook, of course.

Photos credited to Beast and Mark.