David & Michael King-Hew

Live the life you love, love the life you live

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style team

David & Michael King-Hew - Get Leashed Mag

Contributing Photographer: Steph Martyniuk

Welcome to Kamalame Cay – a five-star resort and private hideaway on Andros Island, off the coast of the Bahamas, that stretches over 96 acres of pristine white sand and beautifully secluded beaches. If you’re looking to add one more place to your travel bucket list, look no further – this is paradise. It’s more than the pink sand chariots and the homemade cookies in jars, the fresh juices and bread baskets that are left outside your door in the morning, or the crystal clear waters and beautiful sand beaches t0hat go on for miles. One of the main reasons to go to Kamalame Cay is to be in the company of two of the chicest, coolest hosts we’ve ever met – David and Michael King-Hew. Not only do they exude a wonderful ‘joie du vivre’ but they also have an amazing Portuguese Water Dog named Raffie.

The secluded nature of the island is all part of its allure. A 10-minute flight from Nassau to Andros via seaplane will get you right onto the beach of this romantic getaway. Forget about checking your email or your phone; the purpose behind a visit to Kamalame Cay is to unplug. Once you are here, you won’t get a signal, but you’ll definitely end up making a better connection to those lucky enough to be traveling with you. Best of all, this resort is dog-friendly, making it the ultimate Get Leashed luxury getaway.


Please tell us about yourselves:

Every day is different, but each day is always outrageously busy and with few exceptions, a lot of fun. David and I are very hands on, so we tend to be involved in everything. Sometimes our entire day is spent with our hotel guests, be it in the hotel, on a boat or simply as part of daily life on the Cay. (Get Leashed discovered that Kamalame Cay has played host to many celebrities and high profile people including Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Penelope Cruz, Javier Barden, Jane Seymour, Caroline Murphy, Pamela Anderson, singer Mel B, to various British nobles including Lord Tryon, Duke and Duchess of Northumberland and members of the Norwegian, Bahrain & Saudi Royal Families). Other days will have us busy training staff (Kamalame Cay boasts a staff of 75 members who are at your service 24/7), to testing new menu items for our luncheons (the series is sold out three months in advance), organizing special events, or designing the interiors for renovations to the hotel. We are also working on the design and build of four new villas, launching our new booking engine platform or working with clients on photo shoots (Vineyard Vines shot their catalogue on Kamalame Cay).

A bit about your pet:

His name is Rafeal but we mostly call him Raffie and he is a Portuguese Water Dog. Since we live on the sea we wanted a dog that would fit our lifestyle and be happiest when on the water or in a boat. Portuguese Water Dogs have a waterproof coat and webbed feet to help them swim and dive. For centuries, these dogs have accompanied Portuguese fishermen and were responsible for herding fish into nets, retrieving broken nets and carrying messages between boats. He doesn’t get to do a lot of fish herding but he certainly gets to spend a lot of time on boats and in the ocean.


What does your ideal weekend look like?

David and I like to take the boat, the dogs and a group of friends, pack a great picnic lunch and head out to one of the thousands of white sand islands where we set up a big lunch and spend the day snorkeling, swimming and exploring the Andros Great Barrier Reef.

Describe your personal style:

Michael: Chic, island classic

David: Chic, island preppy

What inspires you?

Love the Life You Live. Live the Life You Love.

After living in major metropolises like London, Toronto, Zurich and New York, we always find inspiration in the kinetic energy of a city. Living in the Bahamas we get the best of both worlds – waking up in paradise each day, and the knowledge that the cites we love are just a few hours away.


How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

City meets coastal chic.

A story about Raffie:

We were blessed to have Raffie come into our lives after losing our previous pup, Ollie. Ollie was the first dog David and I had together so he was very special to us. He swallowed a piece of a plastic toy and got very sick and required surgery and within one day, we sadly lost him. It was heartbreaking for us. The name Rafael (in Hebrew) means “God has healed” and Raffie is full of love and life and loves his life with us by the sea. Sometimes we see him sitting in Ollie’s favorite spot — on the terrace, looking out over the ocean — and we know that Ollie is not that far away.

Get Leashed would like to congratulate Kamalame Cay for winning the prestigious Grand Caribbean Award 2016 from Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report. Well-deserved!