The Museum Of Dog Will Ignite Your Canine Love

Inspired by his exuberant Weimaraner, David York creates the ultimate, dog-friendly museum.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Museum of Dog

The Museum of Dog, in North Adams, Massachusetts, recently celebrated its grand opening with the spotlight on an exhibit called, “Come See About Me: Daisy.”  It is an intensely personal, yet wonderfully universal series of pieces inspired by 11-year old Daisy; the Weimaraner belonging to owner, David York. This little spitfire destroyed the interior of York’s jeep; a piece of that event is on display for all to fully appreciate the deconstructive passionate of a dog.


Credit: Instagram / @museumofdog

Daisy’s exhibit, running through October 2018, is only the tip of the doggy delights. You can also feast your eyes on a bulldog pop art piece (Marc Tetro) that was once a prominent feature at the Central Perk, on set of Friends. Patrons can marvel at dog sculptures created by metal fabrication students to whom York has given $2000 scholarships for their continuing education. York is genuinely thrilled to have a space to share the pieces he has collected throughout the years. The 8000-square foot building currently houses over 180 canine-inspired wonders.


Credit: Instagram / @museumofdog

The long-time philanthropist has always had a passion for dogs. Growing up, York’s family routinely adopted retired police dogs, and these early relationships shaped much of the direction of York’s love for canines. In 1989, he founded Barking Hound Village, a doggy daycare, boarding, and grooming company. There are now 8 locations in Atlanta, Georgia and two in Texas. York continues to share his passion through Museum of Dog and plans to next open a dog-friendly restaurant in Massachusetts.


Credit: Instagram / @museumofdog

York grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and dedicated his early career to fashion, developing private-label merchandise, including Aeropostale. He has fully segued into the dog world and continues to hunt for incredible, inspiring, and touching pieces that speak to our relationship with dogs.


Credit: Instagram / @museumofdog

Upcoming exhibits include, Seismic Dogs of New Madrid. These pieces will focus on the selfless acts of canines that risk their lives to find survivors in the critical hours after an earthquake.

Credit: Instagram / @museumofdog

Bring your furry friend on down to the Museum of Dog and let him take in all of the sights and smells of a special space fully dedicated to the love of dogs.