Best Dog-Trip Playlist Ever

The Ultimate Compilation For Your Next Dog Road Trip

By Aliya-Jasmine Sovani

best dog trip playlist ever aliya-jasmine sovani playlist

Pet travel has become easier than ever, and with so many hotels and resorts accommodating our K9 companions, this fall is the perfect time to plan a road trip with your dog. Between you and me, there’s an obvious problem with your furry best friend; (don’t worry – he can’t read this) he’s not the most talkative dude to have in the passenger seat, am I right?  But that doesn’t mean you and Fido can’t have a long car ride full of non-stop excitement! The secret to road tripping with anyone quiet: sick beats that you can bond over. Here is a list of songs guaranteed to get you both howling…so roll down the windows, stick your head outside (him, not you) and enjoy the open road while blasting the Best Dog-trip Playlist Ever.

Whether a dog inspired the song, or the lyrics simply contain the word dog (or dawg!) guessing why each song made the playlist is half the fun – and a great way to keep you awake on those long drives!

the best dog-trip playlist compilation aliya-jasmine sovani

Best Dog-Trip Playlist Ever:

Honorable mention to Dolly Parton and one of the best dog songs of all time, Cracker Jack, which is not available on Spotify. But you can watch it here.

Road Trip Essentials for You and Your Dog: