7 Incredible Dog-Friendly Treehouses You Can Stay In

Indulge your inner child with these inventive digs

By Catalina Barrios

I enjoy thinking outside the box and doing creative things especially if my family, friends and/or my dog are involved. When you go on vacation you, usually stay in either a nice hotel room, a resort, hostel, or relative’s home.

How about planning your next vacation to fall asleep staring at the stars in a treehouse, or much better, in a dog-friendly treehouse?

Sounds like a great idea for me – magical, very adventurous, and your canine companion is welcome, too.

Enjoy immersing your family, your adorable dog and yourself in these one of a kind pet-friendly treehouses in regions all over!

1. Mountain Tree House


Credit: Glamping With Pets

What better way to start breathing nature? I wish I could be transported to this beautiful tree house located in Watsonville, California. You can stay here for around $143 USD per night where your furry friend will have lots of space to run.

2. Golden Oak

Credit: Forest Holidays

This is a great vacation spot if you want to take your family and your dog abroad, and if you can afford the price. . This beautiful tree house is located at Hampshire, England. This gorgeous cabin can fit up to 10 people. You won’t get bored at Golden Oak as there are lots of fun activities for everyone in the family. I know you may be wondering how much does it cost to stay there. Because it is considered a luxury treehouse, the cost per night is of at least $1,099 per night. Consider if you have a pampered pooch.

3. Secret Cove


Credit: Secret Cove Treehouse

In these beautiful treehouse you will have access to a private dock where you can have lots of fun paddling in your own canoe. This pet friendly escape is located in Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia, Canada has a cost of $249 USD during summer season and between $199 and $239 off season. At Secret Cove, you can take part in hiking, biking and marine activities. Sounds lots and lots of fun. Who wants to go with me?

4. Sleep in A Castle


Credit: Glamping With Pets


What a beautiful and magical experience to spend time in this castle-style tree house. It is located in the town of Vienne, France. This treehouse offers hiking trails, an outdoor fitness area, and a play area for kids. It contains two bathrooms and a full kitchen. If you want to get pampered you can visit the treehouse’s hair salon, spa and wellness center. The cost? It is less than what I expected, at $342.70 per night.

5. White Mountain National Forest Tree House

White Mountain National Forest Tree House

Credit: Glamping Hub

This huge tree house is located in Stoneham, Main and offers access to hiking trails, two bedrooms with queen size beds, two full size futons in the spacious living room, and a full size kitchen. Also if you visit this beautiful getaway during the warm months, you can take advantage of the 18-hole golf course that is on the property. Cost: $294 USD per night.

6. Mont-Tremblant

Credit: Les Refuges Perchés 

This treehouse left me speechless. This beautiful escape house is 1 of 10 you can stay at in the gorgeous area of Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. Each one of the treehouses has an outside fire pit and semi-private dock as well as they are insulated and heated with wood. The cost is between $109 and $199 CDN depending on the season.

7. Shawnee National Forest Tree House

Shawnee National Forest Tree House
Credit: Glamping With Pets

This beautiful treehouse is the perfect location for your family and your pets. You can be part of pet-friendly activities at the Garden of the Gods, Rim Rock and the Shawnee Forest. It includes air conditioning, a campfire with outdoor furniture and firewood as well as an outdoor grill with a picnic table. There is also a kitchenette with a stove, a toaster, a conventional oven, a microwave,a refrigerator and a coffee pot.

This treehouse is located in Karbers Ridge, Illinois and has a cost of $185.50 USD per night.

Which of these gorgeous treehouses will you add to your travel bucket list?