Pack & Den Makes Home Accessories Worthy Of The Most Discerning Style Hounds

Finally, a line of dog beds and blankets that you don’t have to hide from company!

By: The Get Leashed Goods Crew

Let’s be honest for a second, sometimes having a dog and a sense of style can be a bit tricky to navigate. We all seem to learn this the hard way, but we adapt as best we can: there’s the  stashing a lint brush in your bag and the never leaving the new Jimmy Choos by the front door where they’re sure to become Jimmy’s chews — le sigh. That’s why it is very exciting to stumble  upon a product that both speaks to this longing to make every nook and cranny of our lives insta-worthy, while still meeting our specific needs as pet owners!

Ladies and gentleman, this is Pack & Den; the latest launch from our friends at

Pack & Den is a premium collection of dog beds and throws. Each piece is a beautiful composition of faux fur with faux suede backing, plus it’s totally vegan, and saturated in absolute luxury. The very best part is this purposeful design that compliments the decor of your home and looks great on your sofa. I mean, a dog blanket that you can actually leave out when guests come over is basically revolutionary.


Marshall Morris, Co-Founder of, tells us their online community was disappointed with the limited choices of dog beds and blankets that would compliment their contemporary home decor. Using that feedback, his team worked hard to create a home line of pet accessories that offered their customers better choices. And we are simply gushing over these “better choices!” They are elegant, yet functional and luxurious. Pack & Den is completely purposeful in its intention to enhance the beauty of your not-so-humble abode.



From the feedback Morris’ team collected, they were able to deduce that “people want quality homegoods for their pets — something that compliments the decor instead of becoming a stinky eye sore.” In understanding that good form must be accompanied by good function, Pack & Den has managed to go above and beyond in terms of exceeding consumer expectations. These pieces are not only beautiful, they as good for your pet as they are for your home.



Each high-quality throw also comes with comfort pocket that holds a felt heart for essential oils (oils not included) and a reusable Odor Trapper bag. It is recommended that you only use one of these at a time, because really, who wants to cancel out the amazing aroma of essential oils? Simply stick either the essential oil packed heart or the odor-killing bag (packed with activated coconut charcoal) into the pocket and you’re set. Beauty, practicality and aromatherapy at its finest.



When asked how the team was able to successfully marry form and function so seamlessly, Morris said, “For us it was using our talented team of designers and starting with quality and then creatively solving as many problems as possible. For our throws, we saw the need and desire for dogs to be on the couch but also recognized the challenges in that (smell, cleanliness, etc.). From there we built the product and then worked forward into solving the problems our community brought up.”



Morris says they are excited to continue to develop this line of dog beds that are both beautiful and functional, with the goal of having the dog bed become a piece of the decor rather than something that stands out as an afterthought.  They are even working on beds that are built to fit in a corner (think pizza slice) to streamline space and functionality – all with built in aromatherapy, orthopedic support and odor control.



Morris anticipates that they will continue to expand the line as they grow. All products are made in the U.S.A, which means these provide jobs while delivering unrivaled level of quality. He makes it clear to us that they believe in this, and will continue to invest in that as much as they can. Now, that is something that we can all get behind.

And of course, as with all iHeartDogs products, their mandate of giving back continues. For every lounge item purchased, a warm, soft blanket is donated to a shelter dog.

Here’s a roundup of our favorite Pack & Den pieces to add that extra bit of warmth to your home decor

PACK & DEN  –  Big Doggo, Tawny Fox Faux Fur Throw With Odor Control + Calming Pack (MED, LRG)

And the category is: REALNESS! While, by now, we should all be conscientious enough to avoid real fur, we need not fear the tacky look of 90s style faux any longer. This throw looks like the real deal, but is 100% vegan.

Why we love it:

We’re all about the depth of the caramel and bourbon tones in this versatile and stylish piece. Perfect for every interior — from an added splash of richness to mono-chromatic color schemes, to a touch of warmth and texture in urban, rustic decor — this piece will literally go with anything! We like this piece for being able to hide light paw prints while still looking great. Plus, it’s machine washable – which is a must!

  • Medium is 58” in length, 36″ in width
  • Large is 58” in length x 56” in width

$159.99 – $189.99 USD


PACK & DEN  –  Little Pup Grey Wolf Faux Fur Memory Foam Bed (SM)

Since dogs spend 80% of their lives lying down, don’t they deserve the best possible bed? This great piece lets you give them that bed, without sacrificing the look of your home decor.

Why we love it:

Not only is this bed great for senior dogs who may be suffering from joint paint or arthritis, it’s also great as a means of preventing future pain for younger dogs who may have a predisposition to degenerative illnesses. Studies also show that memory foam limits the infestation of dust mites and other allergens like mold, and pet dander, from working their way into the mattress. Lastly, its incomparable durability is a must for dogs who are chewers or diggers. And speaking of diggers, the  contemporary yet classic, Grey Wolf color is ideal for those doggos who can’t help but end up tail-deep in mud. Naturally, the fur cover is removable and machine washable.

  • 22” in length, 15″ in width

$174.99  $99.99 USD


Odor Control + Calming Accessory Pack

We’re not sure why other dog beds and blankets have not thought about deodorization — but we’re so glad that Pack & Den has. We all know that even the cleanest dogs can pick up a bit of a scent after an unexpected swim or being caught in the rain. These Odor Control + Calming Packs keep your pup’s bed and blanket fresh and decrease the build-up of wet dog smell in your home. It also provides an extra bit of soothing for anxious doggos.

Why we love it:

Packs are replaceable and affordable – so you can keep that scent as fresh as you like, without worrying about cost. Plus, we love the calming, aromatherapy heart, for active dogs who need a little help winding down while at home. Remember to consult your essential oil professional for a dog-safe blend, and choose the scent story that best works for your pup.

  • Pack Measurements: 4″ in width, 6″ in length

$12.99 USD


PACK & DEN  –  Little Pup Tan Llama Throw With Odor Control + Calming Pack (XS, SM)

Ideal for when you want something a little smaller than a full sized blanket to cover a chair bottom. This uber stylish, mini-throw is completely on-trend right now. It has the boho feel of sherling, with the added convenience of being machine washable.

Why we love it:

Forget about the unsightly look of folding bulky blankets to cover the seat bottom of Sruffy’s favorite armchair. These smaller sized throws are the perfect fit for any single seat piece of furniture. Plus, we love the idea of channeling some Scandinavian inspiration and picking up a set of these. Imagine having a larger blanket for your sofa and matching smaller throws for your chairs. Now, that’s a look we love!

  • X-Small is 25″ in length, 25″ in width
  • Small is 36″ in length, 29″ in width

$44.99 – $54.99 USD


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