Drink Coffee, Feed Dogs: Wonderful Because It’s Simple

iHeartDogs turns your morning cup into a meal for shelter dogs.

By Jennifer Grant

Image: iHeartdogs.com

Could iHeartDogs be the most forward thinking dog-centric company in the pet space? We think so. They have transformed the simple pleasure of a morning coffee into a life saving movement.  Marshall Morris is the COO/co-founder of a dogifesto (manifesto) that has, at its core, a simple statement with a profound, galvanizing message: Every Dog Matters.

And with these three words, one has all the motivation needed to make a really huge difference. And believe me, this company is highly motivated, to the tune of 11 million (and counting) shelter meals served up to deserving pups.

Californian Marshall Morris.  Image: Instagram/@Iheartdogscom

What started as a digital media publication has evolved into a niche, online marketplace that caters to a specific kind of customer: those who love to spoil their dog, engage in responsible consumerism, and make a real difference.

Every single purchase made through the site kicks back to an animal in need. To date, iHeartDogs has been able to partner with consumers to provide: 11 million shelter meals, 118,000 toys, $226,000 funding to train service dogs, $30,000 in Disaster Relief Funds, and $92,000 to rescue mills. Pretty amazing!

A rescue getting ready to lick your windows! Image: Instagram/@IHeartDogscom

We caught up with Marshall during a recent trip to LA. to find out more. As a U.S. Vet and web entrepreneur, Marshall has always had a natural drive to find unique solutions to tough problems. Four years ago, he met a kindred spirit in Justin Palmer, a pet advocate running an online community about rescues. Justin had been inspired to get involved in the movement after he adopted Splash, a gorgeous boy who now acts as top dog at iHeartDogs.

Top dog, Splash. Image: Instagram/@IHeartDogscom

This dynamic duo (Marshall and Justin) collectively identified the need for education and transparency in the pet industry. From a business perspective, the pair set about delivering precisely this, with content and products that give back, in measurable and impactful ways, to shelters in need. Seems like the Internet liked these measures because iHeartDogs is now 20 million strong on social media.


Stainless Steel Travel Mug. Image: iHeartDogs.com

Coffee was an easy translation to giving help, for the iHeartDogs team. Like most of us, they love both coffee and dogs. Using their own purchasing habits as a predictor for the potential success of a coffee that feeds dogs, the company decided to ‘go for it’ almost half a year ago. The coffee movement was a resounding success and it now helps shelters funnel funds into areas of need.

Dog rescues and shelters have a lot of expenses that can quickly add up to a critical level. By helping to fund food, iHeartDogs and its partners Rescue Bank and GreaterGood, draw capital toward other important shelter expenses: veterinarian care, medicine, spay-neuter programs, and community outreach to help get these dogs to their forever home.

Image: iHeartDogs.com

A single, 12oz bag of coffee (whole bean or ground) fills the belly of 25 hungry shelter dogs. So, every cup literally is giving a meal! The coffee is deliciously rich and aromatic too. Full disclosure: I’m a bit of a coffee snob so I was hesitant to step outside of my usual fare, but I was not disappointed.  iHeartDogs sells a medium roast Colombian Arabica coffee and it’s…delicious. Seriously, this joe passes the full-bodied test with notes of chocolate and caramel, plus a hint of red berries. It’s yum!




 Image: iHeartDogs.com
When we asked Marshall what the hope was for the coffee initiative, he said, “Our ultimate goal is to take something we do daily and turn it into something that changes the world with little or no friction. Our next round of coffee will come in K-cups, so anyone can tap into great coffee with a great purpose. We would love to feed 10 million shelter dogs with just our coffee program alone. No one else in the world can say they can do that.”
Image: Instagram/@iHeartDogs

What does the future hold? Marshall hinted that this ‘cup for food’ manifesto could soon come to include wine and beer. “Drink Beer. Feed Dogs.” We’re thinking, YES! The overarching theme is to take common products and find a way to harness the power of pre-existing spending habits to make a measurable difference.

Marshall is passionate about it, reporting, “We want to take our concept and implement it into commodities we already use in a way that delivers an excellent product, price, and huge impact.”

Image: I Heart Dogs

“Coffee so good, it’s changing the world….one cup at a time.”

Visit iheartdogs.com today to pick up your bag of beans for only $16.99 and start changing the lives of dogs who need your help.