Life of Vi – Supreme Halloween

Violet Amps Up Her Costume Game

By Rachel Simpson

We face the same problem every year: what to be for Halloween. Not one for self-control, Violet could only whittle her options down to five, but we think you’ll understand why once you give them a look.

1. The IT Factor:

Part of what makes a great Halloween costume is its timeliness. With the current popularity of IT, Violet thought she might pay tribute to Georgie Denbrough, the little boy who gets the story going. A little sad maybe, but this year no one’s going to need to ask her who she’s dressed up as.

2. The Classic:

We know, we know, it isn’t clever, or particularly striking or memorable, but what girl hasn’t fantasized about being a princess? So when you get a chance to live out some of your fantasies, which is part the appeal of Halloween, who can blame Vi for wanting to be a princess?

3. The Danger Zone:

There are few more iconic 80s movies than Top Gun and with good reason: the score, the cast, and is there anything cooler than fighter jets? Unfortunately, Violet couldn’t get an F-14, but with her aviators and flight jacket, she nailed the rest of her Maverick costume don’t you think?

4. King of the Jungle:

A lot of people use Halloween as an opportunity to be something they’re not. And at a glance, that’s what Violet dressing up like a lion seems to be. But she’s more like a lion than you might think: she wants the lion’s share of your food, the lion’s share of your lap, of the bed, or your attention, the lion’s share of the couch …

5. Hey DJ:

Now, Vi doesn’t want to downplay what goes into being a DJ: it’s a tough gig. But in terms of a costume, it’s pretty easy to pull off; all it takes are some stylish threads, a pair of headphones and some vinyl. Check, check, and check. Of course, being cute doesn’t hurt.

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