Life of Vi – All Vi Wants for Christmas

Violet Imagines Her Happiest Holiday

By Rachel Simpson

Violet doesn’t ask for much – a walk, an ear scratch, all of what everyone is eating – and she doesn’t need much to make her happy. That simplicity is part of what makes her such a great pet. But there’s more to her than an affinity for tickles and treats. So since it’s the giving time of year, here is what Vi wants for Christmas.

Something new to chew:

Violet is pretty good about not chewing things that don’t belong to her. A wooden spoon or two, maybe the odd fridge magnet forgotten by her little brother, but other than that, she restricts her gnawing urges to those things she knows are hers. So at Christmas, she’d appreciate a new chew toy – and appreciate it so much she’ll probably need a new one fifteen minutes later.


A White Christmas:

For a dog, Violet isn’t much of a snow enthusiast. Sure, she likes to eat it, and she appreciates the way it slows down the squirrels, but it’s cold, and wet, and a little too close to her tummy. When there’s snow on the ground, though, she doesn’t have to worry about packs of skateboards and scooters, and a relaxing walk can finally be just that.


The High Life:

Violet has had to play second fiddle since her little brother stepped on the scene. She’s a good sport about it, and besides a little whining and some frustration when he goes rifling through her things, she’s transitioned nicely into her role as the family dog. But it’s nice to feel special, and a little pampering would make her feel just that.

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